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why do you want to work for the wet seal

Los Angeles, CA Area (includes HQ)
Akron, OH Area Anchorage, AK Area Atlanta, GA Area Auburn, AL Area Bakersfield, CA Area Bismarck, ND Area Boston, MA Area Buffalo, NY Area Canton, OH Area Cape Coral, FL Area Charleston, SC Area Charlotte, NC Area Chicago, IL Area Cincinnati, OH Area Columbus, OH Area Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Area Denver, CO Area Detroit, MI Area Eugene, OR Area Gulfport, MS Area Houston, TX Area Huntsville, AL Area Jacksonville, FL Area Kansas City, MO Area Knoxville, TN Area Lancaster, PA Area Lansing, MI Area Las Vegas, NV Area Lexington, KY Area Lexington-Fayette, KY Madison, WI Area Medford, OR Area Midland, TX Area Minneapolis-St.

Paul, MN Area New Orleans, LA Area New York City, NY Area Norfolk, VA Area Ogden, UT Area Olympia, WA Area Orlando, FL Area Philadelphia, PA Area Phoenix, AZ Area Pittsburgh, PA Area Providence, RI Area Richmond, VA Area Riverside, CA Area Sacramento, CA Area Salt Lake City, UT Area San Antonio, TX Area San Francisco, CA Area San Jose, CA Area Seattle, WA Area Spartanburg, SC Area Spokane, WA Area Stockton, CA Area Tampa, FL Area Tyson s Corner, Fairfax, VA Washington, DC Area Winston-Salem, NC Area McDonald's has become so large, and so successful, because it has taken every aspect of fast food and created a process for it.

These processes have lead to consistent quality of service, and allowed it to duplicate itself easily over and over to where it is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

If you are looking for a job just to earn a little cash, you will often learn a little more from working for a larger company. I have worked at many small companies, as well as large companies over the years.

I have learned far more about business and management from working for a larger company. If I were at a job interview for McDonald's, or advising someone who was going to a job interview for McDonald's, I would state that not only I am here to earn some cash for a part time job, but I am here to learn as much as I can about a company as successful as McDonald's. Love it or hate it, McDonald's is a very successful corporation.

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