why does hair look dry under water

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Academics/Science Do you have a question that mainstream science refuses to answer? Are your theories and experiments so bizarre that sensible people tell you they will never be published? Do you need help building a doomsday machine, or shopping for a monstrous assistant? Then you ve come to the right place! The esteemed panelists at Shitty Ask Science might be the only people who are willing to help you! We reserve the right to remove all Dad Jokes and throw them in the pile of hazardous waste behind our laboratory. THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED AND ARE NO LONGER CONSIDERED SCIENCE. PLEASE DON T USE THEM. Farts, poop, pee, and shit.

Basic bitches. Homosexual Sapiens. The conversion rate of fuck-tons and shit-loads. Being what you eat, or a percentage of something. Genetic jeans. Space vacuum cleaners. Speed of heavy and/or dark. Sharp things that taste like blood. The fact that heat rises but mountains, the North Pole, and outer space are still cold. Making planes out of black boxes. Shaving with Occam s razor. Energy drink equations. The well-established relationship between autism and vaccines. Steel fuel. Jet memes. Steel memes. Steal beams. God. Pokemon. Questioning dead people. Degrees of murder and other crimes in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Blurry Japanese genetalia.

ISIS in space. The deadly youth in Asia. Solving global warming with air conditioners. Upside-down Australians, almond milk, gender fluids, and anything else we ve seen a million times already. Asking why meteors land in craters will result in a permanent ban! Asking what kind of thing is this when it s obviously not that kind of thing at all. And any other grossly willful misinterpretation of an image. Brand-name product placement. Scientists are on a budget. We can only afford generic products. Also, no one named Nagi allowed. He is almost as bad at memes as he is at L4D2 NO SCREENSHOTS, MEMES, OR MACROS! Stick your hand in water and pull it out. You can tell that it s wet, it looks wet.

But then try this. Stick your hand underwater and look at it while it s still underwater. PP It doesn t really look wet. And even more striking Look at your wet hand in a mirror. P Now plunge your hand underwater, and look at it in the mirror underwater. P It not only doesn t look wet, it looks bone dry! It s a pretty simple answer to a neat little experiment. P But before I give you the answer, think a moment. P How might you try to figure out the answer? P What are some tools you could use to figure out why this is the way it is? Well, when your hand is wet, your eye can tell that it s wet because there s a layer of water on the hand. P Light reflects from that water more strongly than it does from your skin, so it looks shiny because of that extra reflectivity.

When your hand is entirely under water, though, there is no surface layer of water on the hand. P The entire hand is under water, so the only shiny reflection is from the surface of the water itself. But what about when the extra trick with the mirror is added? P All I can think is that this tricks the mind a little bit. P Instead of looking at the hand underwater, you see a reflection of the hand, and so it s out of context. P Your mind just sees the hand, and doesn t compensate for the fact that it s underwater. P I d love to hear a more rigorous explanation of this though! Tagged as:,

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