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Do you have a job interview at coming up? Thats great! We know that
can be a little nerve-wracking, but by preparing as much as possible you can really cut down on the stress and focus on the exciting opportunity ahead. Chances are, your interview will be for a retail position at one of their many stores. Preparing and doing your research is a sure way to figure out how to get a job at Target. Here are a few of the questions youll want to practice beforehand: 1) Why do you want to work at Target? Employers because they want to know if youre looking for their job or just any job. Youre going to want to show Target that you really respect them as a company and as an employer. This is also your chance to show them that youve done your research on the company. For example: Target is a company Ive always admired, for more than all the awesome deals. Your outreach to the community has always made me want to be a part of your team. For example, your work with the local YMCA helping children with their school supplies inspired me to also give back. Of course, Im also a big fan of your commitment to customer service, which is something I am passionate about. 2) What does customer service mean to you? Target is known for their dedication to customer service, which is why it is so important that you answer this question with enthusiasm. Youre going to want to show them that you hold the same values they do when it comes to how they treat their customers. For example: With so much competition for a customers business, customer service to me is doing what it takes to get the customer back in the door. I am fully aware of just how much good customer service can make someones day and in my past experience I have always done what I can to ensure the customer leaves with a good experience.

For example, in my last position someone came in wanting something that we stopped carrying. We were able to get her contact information and found another branch that carried the item. We worked with the store to have it shipped to us and surprised her when we contacted her to say we found it. She then became a regular. 3) How would you handle a customer who is upset? Most retail positions require dealing with customers who are unhappy with their experience, and Target is no exception. They are looking to see how you would react in a stressful situation and if you understand when to get management involved. Keep in mind that you dont have to have the perfect answer here, as they will most likely go over this in training. But, you have to have an answer. For example: In my experience many customers want to make sure that they are being heard and that something is being done to correct what has them upset. I do my best to really understand the issue and then do everything in my power and authority to correct the problem, with a smile on my face. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when someone isnt listening to you or does what you ask with a scowl and I make sure to avoid that. If its something that I cant correct, or if the customer still isnt satisfied, I will get management involved to use their authority to fix. 4) Do you have any questions for me? Believe it or not, employers want you to ask. This shows them you are taking your job search seriously and want to make sure you are a right fit for this position.

They are looking to see if youve researched the position and if it seems like you actually want to work there. For example, you can ask questions like: Can you tell me what a typical shift looks like in this position? How is success measured for this role? Ive heard that a famous designer is about to release a line for Target. Can you tell me how the store prepares for something like that? Have you had a job interview with Target? Tell us below what you were asked! Why do you want to work for us? What attracts you to this position? Why do you want this job? However its phrased, the question looks short, simple, and not something to waste too much valuable time on. Dont be fooled. There are actually several questions you need to answer here and they are as follows: What do you know about the company and the position? What evidence can you provide that you have an interest in the sort of thing we do? What do you hope to get out of the job, apart from a salary? Evidence of your interest should be just that. Saying Ive always wanted a career as a software developer in the financial services industry wont cut it. Naming relevant internships, projects, university modules or active involvement in relevant societies will. Are you serious enough about the job to have bothered researching us properly? Do you have a realistic understanding of what the job actually involves? Do you want the job? If you accepted the job, how long would you stick around? Recruiting and training graduates costs employers a lot of money. IT and tech companies want to be convinced that the graduates they hire will be genuinely motivated to do the job and wont leave after a few months or a year.

You need to prove that you understand what the job is and that this fits in with your interests and long-term career goals. Gillian Bray, HR manager at Alfa, explains: We have a great culture and we want to know that applicants really want to be a part of that. We want our people to stay more than two years. Meanwhile a recruiter from a global IT company comments: I think they really need to show that they believe in the company and what you do, that theyre choosing you. A good answer on an online application to the question Why do you want to work for us? will therefore include: Clarification of your career goal and, if necessary, how this job will help you towards this. See and the for more help. Skimp on your research and youll end up resorting to empty flattery and waffle to fill space on your application. Good answers to Why do you want to work for us? at interview At interview you may be asked directly Why do you want to work for us, or you may be asked related questions about the job, company and your motivation for joining. Either way, keep the above points in mind. Gillian Bray comments that when students get to interview, Sometimes they dont think about what the company actually does. In interview they should talk about where the company is going and why they want to help us achieve our goals. Good employer research plays a vital role but what type of information will impress? Candidates sometimes come into interviews and just regurgitate whats on the homepage, states Steve Rodgers, international recruitment manager in Ocados technology division. We want them to be able to tell us something that isnt there. A fellow recruiter flags up her global companys profusion of information sources, including a YouTube channel, which candidates can use to get beyond the basics.

Again, see the for help with your prep. In online graduate IT job applications, giving one-line answers to the question Why do you want to work for us? suggests to IT recruiters the real answer is Actually, I dont. Even worse, leaving in the wrong company name having copied and pasted the answer from an earlier application screams out both I said the same thing to your competitors and Im really slapdash. Sadly, such mistakes are very common, and drive IT companies up the wall. Oli Jacob, IBM UK schools and universities attraction manager, remarks that many candidates seem to use a scattergun approach to applications, applying to multiple organisations but not always tailoring applications to individual industries or job roles. and youll end up resorting to empty flattery and waffle to fill space on your application. Both will go down badly. Id relish the opportunity to work for such a prestigious organisation just screams out I dont know the first thing about you. Similarly, saying I feel my unique blend of skills, experience and academic achievement makes me the perfect match for your requirements without actually stating what these are will get you nowhere. Recruiters see enough clich-ridden applications every day as it is. Dont let yours be one of them. Follow us on Twitter.

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