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why does diane keaton always cover her neck

Does anyone know why her neck is in hiding? I don't think I have ever seen it! Most of her movies she either wears turtle necks, high neck collars on her coats or ridiculous scarfs. In fact the previews for her new movie show her in a house (non winter from the looks of outside) with a HUGE (easily 2 feet wide) orange scarf wrapped multiple times around her. They seriously go out of the way to cover her neck as part of her wardrobe.

I know she wasn't like this in her earlier acting days since I just watched Father of the Bride. I can only think of that one show (and part 2) though. Why does she not show it? Does she even have one?
She is blessed with soft features and has maintained a slim weight (which helps for a "youthful/girlish" effect). Her feet can still withstand high heels. Her ankles are slim and pretty. Since "Baby Boom" she realized she looked great in knee length skirts.

Though she has issues with her neck (always did psychologically with her propensity for high collars in her Annie Hall days and often since) and today with her hands. Yet she finds stylish ways (and some quite eccentric) to remain in her comfort zone. Since proving (needing to perhaps only to herself) in "Something's Gotta Give' that she looks great in V-necks. she now wears them (still favored always by Lauren Hutton)--and adds a chocker necklace for some slack-skin support.

Diane has often been able to permeate much of her own style ideas (such as wide belts and high-waisted baggy slacks) into her movie "costumes". But I always find her refreshing when she allows the costume designer or print stylist (without including her signature "stuff")--put her into more classic styles--which she actually looks great in.

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