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1. Personal development
Once you become an assistant we will make your professional start easier with a five-week training course. Our KPMG Business School, a sophisticated educational and development system, will support the timely development of your career. This system consists of hundreds of local as well as international seminars, training courses and other educational activities, taking advantage of the most modern educational technology including social networks. At KPMG, you can also work towards various distinguished professional certifications (e. g. auditor, tax advisor, ACCA, CISA, MBA, CFA). 2. Internships abroad As we are part of an international network of firms, our employees have the chance to go on internships to Australia, the US, the Netherlands, New Zealand and elsewhere. Talented colleagues can broaden their professional experience in other offices of the KPMG global network of advisory firms. Offered internships vary in length and scope and participants can go on short-term or three-month stays or even remain abroad for several years. 3. Social responsibility We care about what goes on around us. Social responsibility is part of our firmБs culture, our values and our business strategy. We act ethically and transparently, minimise the environmental effects of our business activities and use our expert skills to support the communities in which we function.

See for yourself. 4. Work-life balance Our working hours are flexible, and if a projectБs nature allows, we can also work from home. Every year, we can spend 25 days on vacation, including three days of firm-wide leave, traditionally between Christmas and New YearБs. It is possible to extend oneБs holidays by taking compensatory leave for worked overtime. When preparing for professional exams and certifications, we can ask for study leave. KPMG organises cultural events and supports the sports activities of its employees. For our bigger departments, we organise group meetings combined with team building activities and entertainment, twice a year. In the fall, our employees get the chance to take their partners to the theatre; our employeeБs children enjoy our annual St. Nicholas Party. Close to the end of the year, all of us get together for our yearly Christmas Party. We stay in touch with former employees and annually invite them to a KPMG Alumni Party. A lot of alumni have become our loyal clients. 5. Friendly work environment A supportive and friendly work environment means a lot to us. We all are on a first-name basis, regardless of age or position. Our doors are always open, be they to a PartnerБs office or to that of a Manager or Secretary.

In senior positions, we aim to share our experience, to advise others in their tasks and lead them towards their further development. We respect individuality as well as differing opinions Б whatБs important is our common success. We know that our work is often very demanding, giving us all the more reason to value a pleasant work environment and a friendly and supportive team spirit. We know that it is team work and courtesy which help our employees to grow and attain the best results. 6. Remuneration and benefits Our employeesБ remunerations are above-standard and reflect our standing on the market and the importance of our staff. Our employees also receive financial bonuses in the form of variable salary components, extraordinary bonuses and overtime pay. The overall salary level depends on an employeeБs position and the results of the firm and the individual. Our cafeteria-style benefit system offers a wide range of benefits annually worth several tens of thousands of crowns. Benefits offered include meal vouchers and the services of more than 4 000 service providers, including insurance, travel, culture, sports, wellness, health care and education. Here at Bright Network, we know that picking a career isnБt as simple as knowing that the role is a good fit for your skills. Selecting the right company can be just as complex and can impact a number of key factors that you might consider when accepting a job Б such as location, pay, culture and opportunities.

To help kick start your thinking we have identified five of our top reasons to consider a career with KPMG. There are many more than those that weБve identified below so for more information visit KPMGБs. Here are our top reasons. 1. ItБs your birthday? Have a day off. KPMG pride themselves on their fantastic culture and giving every employee their birthday off is just one expression of this and of their commitment to you as an employee. And if this isnБt enough, at KPMG you have the option to buy an additional 10-15 days of holiday a year. Keen to plan that big trip but feeling that you should be starting a career? At KPMG you can do both! 2. Diversity Inclusion KPMGБs commitment to diversity and inclusivity has earned them two fantastic achievements recently. KPMG earned a place in the Times Top 50 Employers for Women list. KPMG have alsoб featured amongst the Top 100 Employers in StonewallБs Workplace Equality Index. Looking for a company that is confident in its inclusivity? Look no further. 3. A focus on professional qualifications Unlike any of the other big 4, KPMG employs a team called the Professional Qualifications Team, whose role is to support employees in gaining qualifications throughout their time at the firm.

Having studied for and achieved the various qualifications themselves, the team are perfectly placed to identify what support employees need and when, in order to help maximise your chances of success. 4. Great, green offices London based employees have the luxury of working from a brand new, purpose built office in Canary Wharf. A great location for those post-work drinks by the river and team dinners. However, as if that wasnБt exciting enough, 15 Canada Square is a flagship example of a 21st century 'green' building at the forefront of environmental efficiency Б the building complies with strict carbon criteria throughout and has incorporated a range of best practice sustainable features. б 5. Lunch allowance It might seem like a small thing, but having an allowance with which to buy your lunch every day can make a big difference when youБve just started working and you are trying to not blow your entire pay packet but also donБt want to be sat in a corner with your lunchbox. Again Б this small gesture is a great example of KPMGБs understanding of its peopleБs requirements and of trying to make work just a little bit greater. Sound good? Check out KPMG's to apply for a place at this fantastic firm.

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