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why do you want to work for easyjet

Life at Easyjet in my opinion is good. Everyone is very friendly and generally happy. Most people think that they work us pretty hard, but to be honest I don't think its that bad at all! I think at Gatwick, you get a good mixture of long and short flights, lots of nightstops, and reasonable commission. Because theres so many crew, you can swap off pretty much anything you don't want because theres always someone who wants it! In terms of negatives, when you arrive into Gatwick you can usually expect delays from something. The base has become so big now that you can arrive to no ground staff, or your stand with a plane already on it quite regularly. This can completely negate any time made up down-route and is very frustrating!

Because theres so many crew at Gatwick, you'll have a fresh crew every day. Because of this, its challenging to make friends, but it also means if theres someone you don't like to work with, chances are you'll never see them again! I've been at Easyjet a year, and this month, I know 2 people on my months roster. Easyjet as a company always listen to their crew and do their best to help. They thank you for working through tough times and keep everyone updated very well with newsletters and notifications. They give great benefits. I love Easyjet and Gatwick but its not for everyone. If you want to know people when you walk into the crew room, it isn't for you.

But if you're OK to have lovely new crew every day instead then you're on to a winner!
Bonjour Ap7570! Firstly congratulations on getting an interview with EZY! Well done! Secondly i'm not crew for EZY so i'm not sure as to their recruitment methods but I'll give you some advice anyway. First impressions count a LOT especially in interviews. Dress smartly and make sure you're at the interview place in plenty of time. Prepare some questions that you might have for the interviewers such as how many hours per week do crew work? Maybe do some background information on the company. This usually goes down well if you show interest in the company.

Also prepare yourself to be asked questions like - Why do you want to become cabin crew? Why did you choose easyJet over any other company? What do you think the hardest part of the job as cabin crew is? Give examples of a situation where you received bad customer service and what you would do to turn the situation around so that you received good customer service. Also since it's EZY you're hoping to work for show that there's a fun element to you as well since the company is young and fun. A big part of being cabin crew on top of having very high customer service skills is being able to work well as a team. You must be able to get on with everyone and work with everyone.

They might get you to take part in a team building exercise to see how well you interact with other people and show what qualities you can bring to the airline. For example they might give you a hypothetical situation and ask you along with the other interviewees how you would solve that situation The best advice I can possibly give though is be yourself, confident (but not over confident) and if at first you don't succeed - try and try again! That's certainly some of the stuff i was asked and went through when i was interviewed for crew. I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you get the job! If I can be of anymore help please ask!

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