why do women become fat after marriage

The bliss of early marriage makes many people want to spend all their extra time with their new significant other. While that's certainly an enjoyable aspect of being a newlywed, many couples make eating a central part of the activities they enjoy together, and that can lead to unhealthy weight gain for the bride and groom. Luckily, you and your new spouse don't have to fall victim to marriage weight gain if you know the statistics and how to stay healthy. Couples who have been married for two years or longer are more likely to gain weight than their single counterparts, according to a 2012 study published in "Obesity. " In fact, newly married women in their early 20s gain an average of 24 pounds in the first five years of marriage and men in the same age group gain an average of 30 pounds during that same time, according to "USA Today," referencing that same study. Interestingly, couples who were living together, but weren't married, didn't experience weight gain to the same degree. Married couples eat most of their meals together, so they're more likely to eat foods that they wouldn't normally eat because their spouse has a craving for them. In fact, partner influence over eating decisions is a large factor in weight gain after marriage.

Two additional factors that might come into play are the tendency to eat out together more often and to cook bigger meals when eating at home. Increased time spent watching television together is another factor in post-marital weight gain, according to "Obesity. "
The pressure tends to be off once a couple gets married. In other words, people who are dating are more likely to stay slender to keep the attention of their partner. Couples who are happy, satisfied and secure in their marriage are more likely to gain weight because they no longer feel any pressure to attract a mate, according to a 2013 article published in "Health Psychology. " Married couples should consider their weight a factor in their overall health and well-being instead of just their appearance, the article in "Health Psychology" notes. Just as married couples can influence each other to eat poorly, they can also influence each other to make healthy choices. Work together to create nutritious menus, shop for healthy foods together and make meal preparation a joint effort because these can help you stay slim, as well as bond over a shared goal.

To that same end, exercise as a couple, as well. Weight gain problem is the biggest problem among women and this problem becomes a headache after marriage. You definitely have heard, people talking about sudden increase in their weight after their marriage. According to a study published in a daily journal The Obesity, 82% couples gains weight up to 5-10 kgs after 5 years of their marriage and this increase of weight is mostly seen among women. All say we gain weight post marriage, know the real reasons why people gain weight post marriage Some people say, this weight increases due to hormonal changes occur when you come under a new relationship. But this is not the only reason behind weight gain of women after marriage. So, on this note let s check out the major reasons which contribute in the weight gain of women after marriage:- 10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right NOW! Lifestyle of ladies changes after marriage and this leads to the hormonal changes among women. So, this becomes the foremost reason of weight gain among women. Tips To Reduce Body Fat And Convert From Fat To Fit In Just 1 Month Before marriage, girls give more attention to their looks and weight and do exercise regularly.

But after marriage they get busy in their life and because of this it becomes tough for them to take care of themselves. Unable To Lose Weight?? Just Have These Drinks Before You Sleep And Lose Like Anything After marriage, time and pattern of sleeping of girls change after marriage. Many of the time they don t get proper sleep and lack of sleeping is the biggest reason of weight gain among girls. No Heavy Workout, No Strict Diet, Follow Keto Diet To Loose Weight Quickly After marriage, girls changes their preference, girls make their routine according to their husband and other family members. And because of this, they can t get time for themselves and this lead to their weight gain. Can t Lose Weight Even After A Strict Diet? Then You Are Making These 10 Eating Mistakes Newlywed couples mostly go out for dinners and launch and consume food of high calories and this increases fat near stomach area in women. Fruits That May Help You In Weight Loss!! Now-a-days, most of the people get married at the age between 28-30 years.

According to study, after the age of 30, metabolic rate of our body decreases which leads to weight gain of our body. Stress Marriage is the toughest job for women as they have to get adjusted at some other place. Many of the time, girls find difficulty in adjusting in the new house. Must Avoid Harmful Food Combinations That Affect Health Due to which they start taking stress and starts eating more because of stress and this results in increase of their weight. These Exercises If Practiced for 30mins Daily, Will Make You Lose Weight Quickly Before marriage, our closer one keeps telling us to look beautiful. But after marriage this pressure is become negligible so women start avoiding their fitness. This is another important reason of weight gain among women. Most of the couples start their family planning in just 1-2 years of their marriage. Do you Want to loose weight??? then eat this dry fruit Regularly After pregnancy most of the women don t even try to lose weight after giving birth to babies. After marriage girls spend most of their time in gossiping with their new family and watch more TV with other family members and this leads to gain weight.

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