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why do wolves howl at the moon at night

This is an eclectic list of functions (and it doesn t even include my favorite: because they like to howl), but in no case is the moon involved as a motivating factor. So, again, where does the myth come from? Lopez offers a compelling theory here: Howling reaches a seasonal peak in the winter months, during the time of courtship and breeding; it is easy to see how the idea that wolves howl at the moon might have gained credence and played well on the imagination during these cold, clear nights when the sound carried far and a full moon lent an eerie aspect to a snowscape. This reminds me of the wolf moon of January, a name given to the full moon supposedly, and perhaps apocryphally, because of the hungry packs that once gathered outside Native American villages.
Why is the moon so alone? it is because there once used to be a lover of moon in the spirit world whose name was 'Quae Carcajou' they used to be together and used to walk the skies together.

Every one was jealous of the relationship between the moon and Quae Carcajou that they all wanted them to be separated so there was a spirits called trickster who tricked spirits alot by using his wicked mind that was gifted to him. The trickster was the most jealous spirit in all of the spirits who were jealous of the relationship.

The trickster planned a very cunning plan to break the relationship, he told Quae Carcajou that moon wanted some wild roses form the normal world and so took off Quae Carcajou to bring back some wild roses from the spirit world but little did he know that if you leave the spirit world you cannot come back. When Quae Carcajou came back to the spirit world door he could not go in, then came master Avatar the controller of the spirit world he felt sad for Quae Carcajou but since his powers could not work on the outside world so he gave the trickster jail for his whole life and the moon was so sad that she used her whole light power to Quae Carcajou so he could ask a powerful boon from master Avatar.

The moon took sun's help in getting the light and so Quae Carcajou asked for a boon to turn into a wolf because when he went to the forest of Sherwood he saw the harsh ways of men, how they cut trees, how they kill animals and are merciless to poor people. He saw how very harshly they cut a wolf to get it's fur and just for eating it, that is why Quae Carcajou chose a wolf because he wanted to help the wolf tribe in some way. He did help the wolf tribe by making fear into the hearts of people, he did something and the conclusion came out good, when ever a wolf would show its four big teethes it is a better option to run but not hit it or kill it.

But Quae Carcajou still loves moon so much, at night when he sees moon he goes to cliff top and howls her name "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" He can be at two places at a time can travel very fast because the wolf tribe had a magical power that would be given to the perfect one in the tribe. So now you know why wolf howls at night and if you ever see a wolf howling means you are seeing Quae Carcajou.

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