why do wish to join pgdm rural management program

IIRM offers a 2 years PGDM Masters Level Program. This course is aimed at providing students the necessary inputs in General Management subjects and domain knowledge in the areas of Financial Services, Insurance, Risk Management, Actuarial Science, Analytics, Pension Fund Management etc. You can choose specialization in Finance/ Financial Services/ Insurance/ Risk Management/ Marketing/ HR/ Actuarial Science/ Business Analytics. PGDM in IIRM overall is good. Even in terms of placements and faculty it is overall rated good. IIRM courses has National and International Accreditation from professional bodies like AICTE, Charted Insurance Institute LONDON (CII), Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India(IRDAI). In terms of Placements, some of the companies which come to visit for recruitment are:
You can check the complete report You can consider pursuing your course from this institute as there will be surely a growth in your experience and your personality development.

Good Luck. Hi Guest, Being Indians we know what actually 'Rural' is. Our country's most number of population belongs to the rural areas. developing and enhancing the rural life is always a challenge to the policy makers. on the other hand MBA is a skill full course work, where a student comes to know how to manage and implement the best possible resource available in a cost effective way. And if resources are not available, get them in a feasible way to encounter or to solve managerial level problems.

MBA in Rural management is a kind of a bridge where we can add an humanitarian view to solve or try to solve our rural world problems with skills of business and management. Rural managers are part of socio- economic development of a rural area where resources are not available or critically available. They think in a way that how these people(rural people) can get all the facilities of a human life that is available in an urban area. Rural world is always very close to the mother nature. so all the developments should target not to harm the essence of our mother nature. So here comes the ecological view too. Rural managers keep an eye on this part specifically. implementing the science to the natural way is the other goal of a rural manager. technologies should reach the rural parts but not in a cost that it changes the overall thinking and view of the rural areas in the country.

Science and technology should be customized in a ecological way is one of the primary targets of a rural development manager. to become a successful rural manager a candidate needs to understand many important parts of various engineering disciplines. like: civil,mechanical,IT electrical and most importantly the green technologies. Incorporating the related projects with these engineering disciplines needs a manager to have a very broad knowledge of green-socio-economic-ecological factors. there are to much to do for our rural parts and only a quarter of it is being archived. so the play field is very big and work space is very natural.

Scope: Generally a Rural manager works with NGOs,Government and few of a private companies. there resides a huge market in rural parts and companies are always busy trying to explore those. so a good Rural manager can never runs out of a job. Apart from this salary may not become a constraint. Young Fellows get a chance to work close to mother nature. More options: Besides this I know many guys how started to work as a rural development manager and ended up becoming an entrepreneur. The single reason is that rural parts are full of valuable resources one who able to identifies those, ends up becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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