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why is it called a husband pillow

There is nothing like expressing how you feel through giving a gift to someone you love. But getting the right gift is important. While women are notoriously known for being difficult to buy for, it s men s gift shopping that can turn the world upside down. My boys are the hardest to buy for, and so is my husband, forcing me to think long and hard about what to get for them. But at the end of the day, I always get something that will serve the people in my life in the long run, and one such unusual choice I have made over and over is something called the husband pillow to which I discovered after reading about these online,. As cliche as it sounds, this pillow has proved to be one of the best gifts I have ever purchased but not just for my husband. The husband pillow provides great comfort and style for everyone, and here are a few reasons why:
It Mimic s A Throne: Okay, we all know boys love their throne. Get them a huge gift wrapped in a special way and they will love you for it. The husband pillow has a semi-car seat appearance much like a man s throne does. It supports the back and is made from handcrafted materials so that anyone will feel like royalty while sitting in it.

Once you do, you will see how truly comfortable the husband pillow really is. One of the best features of the husband pillow is how versatile it is. Not only is it transportable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. But for those who suffer from couch potato syndrome, much like my boys, the husband pillow is so comfortable, it begs you to be lazy. Perfect for those suffering from chronic back pain, or muscular aches. The husband pillow offers a variety of choices and styles that will fit into any household. Try one for yourself, you don t want to sit anywhere without it. The husband pillow isn t just for husband s as I said. In fact, it s great for kids and teens, too. My boys are avid video gamer s and tend to sit for long periods of time with their friends while playing online. I hate them sitting on the sofa, but I also want them to have the right support. This is where the husband pillow comes in handy. A much more affordable option than those gaming chair s I ve seen, the husband pillow has a solid back with proper arm rests built in, making it easier to lounge longer.

Plus it s easy to keep clean. So it s a win win for all parties around. One of the biggest problems my husband has in life is a polyester-allergy and sensitive skin. Because of this, he has suffered a lot. Whether it s bedding or blankets, we always have to be careful it does not contain too much polyester. Since nearly everything has traces of polyester or is highly-expensive to be polyester-free. This has made our journey at finding quality materials a bumpy road, to say the least. The husband pillow has a vast majority of material options from Nylon to Microfiber, Cotton to even Foam or Down filling. So you can a husband pillow for virtually anyone out there, even those with sensitivity issues like my husband, making this the perfect gift of comfort and style for all those you love. So the next time you go shopping online, looking for that special gift for either your husband, son, sister, mother or someone you know who needs the added support while sitting for long periods, check out the husband pillow.

They come in a variety of colors and styles, materials and sizes. Trust me when I say, the person you give one too will love you to the moon and back for it! Have You Ever Tried The Husband Pillow? Called in Japanese the Wata Yome and Wata Danna, the Cotton Wife and Husband Hug Pillows by Bibi Lab are unique companions for whenever you need a hug. We've seen plenty of hug pillows in Japan before but these have the most attractive and, well, huggable designs so far. These spouses have limbs and a torso, while the springy materials are really addictive. These unique pillows are nearly life-size too. Dress them in clothes for the most realistic results. Then you will really get the benefit of hug when you are lonely and you'll never be short of a dinner partner again. The set includes a brown, anti-static fleece cover. The Cotton Wife and Husband Hug Pillows features: Size: around 40 x 150 x 20cm (15. 7 x 59 x 7. 9") (Wife), around 45 x 165 x 20cm (17. 7 x 65 x 7. 9") (Husband) Weight: around 2. 6kg (5. 7 lbs) (Wife), around 2. 9kg (6. 4 lbs) (Husband) Materials: polyester (cover), cotton (pillow)

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