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why do you want to adopt a child

You Have a Desire to Give a Child a Family: Many individuals, couples, and families consider adoption because they
genuinely have a desire to provide a family for a child. Perhaps they already
have biological children, they are struggling with
or they simply want to expand their family in a new way. Whatever the reason, if you have a clear, pure desire to be the family for a child, adoption may be the path for you. There are many children in need in the world, both domestically and internationally, and providing a loving family can be a huge blessing to their lives. You Want to Help a Child Have a Better Life: Some children come to adoption from tough backgrounds. They may have been placed in the foster care system after living with abusive or otherwise unfit parents, they may have been abandoned, or they may have been orphaned. Each of these reasons can have a profoundly negative impact on a childБs life, causing them to develop an angry, melancholic, or even fearful outlook on life. If you have the means and the desire, wanting to give a child a better life is a wonderful reason to adopt. You Know of a Child in Need: Do you know a recently orphaned child or do you volunteer at an orphanage or foster care center and know of a child who is desperately in need?

Maybe their parents have health issues, addiction issues, or maybe they were abused in their homes. Children in need can come into your life in all shapes and sizes, and simply knowing of a child who needs a loving family and home can be enough to ignite a desire to adopt in your heart. You WANT To: For some people, there is no other reason than simply wanting to adopt a child. Perhaps you want to skip the experience of pregnancy but still want a family, or perhaps you were adopted and want to do the same for another child. Whatever the reason behind your desire, as long as it is pure and keeps the childБs best interest at heart, simply wanting to expand your family through adoption is enough to answer the БwhyБ behind it. Honestly, I don t know if any African children who showed up in the states and were HIV+ without their parents intentionally adopting an HIV+ child. While it is obviously an issue, its also required by Immigration law to be divulged. Until recently, it wasn t legal for people who were HIV+ to immigrate at all.

The other issue about HIV status is that you are not going to get an older child who doesn t show signs of the infeciton prior to adoption. There are certain things specific to HIV infection and in Africa, they are easily spotted by those who know anything about the epedemic. Without medication, an older child will have already developed those signs and their HIV status would already be suspected, test or no test. If its suspected then it must be disclosed to the potential adoptive parents, by US law. I have a sister from Ethiopia who is an AIDS orphan. She doesn t have AIDS. Our son is a war orphan from West Africa. He doesn t have AIDS either. Most of the children availble for US adoption do NOT have AIDS. They may have lost their parents to the epidemic but that doesn t mean they have it themselves. By sponsor, I mean that someone who has INCOME must sponsor the child to enter the US. That income has be higher than 125% of the povery level. If you hit that with one income, and the person with that income is over 25, then it wouldn t matter what the income or age of the other spouse is.

But, if you need both incomes (assuming there are 2 incomes) to hit that level, then anyone whose income is factored in the visa sponsorship must be over 25 years old. So, in our case, I am a SAHM. I have no income. We were above the 125% poverty line on DH s income alone. So, while I was an adopting parent, I was not legally the visa sponsor. That means that it wouldn t have mattered if I was over 25 or not. Immigration says you have to be at least 25 years old to sponsor. If your income isn t factored in the sponsorship, then the age requirement for immigration does not apply (the country limits for other countrie still do). In your case, if you DH is over 25 and his income alone would keep your family at least 125% of the poverty level after adding your adopted child, then your age is not a factor for US laws. Most of the African adoptions would be at or around the $10K mark if you use the escort option. And, most agencies have programs for older children to help with the costs. Honestly, African adoptions are some of the most reasonable, affordable and least hassle of the international adoptions.

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