why do you need a boxspring with a mattress

Once you have decided on the mattress that you want you now have the question, БDo I Need a Boxspring with My MattressБ? The answer is that your mattress does need a foundation but it is your choice as to what you want and need in that foundation. A boxspring is the traditional foundation for the old-style coil spring mattresses that were originally the mainstream mattress of choice. Exactly as it sounds, a boxspring was originally designed using a wooden frame box that contained springs and was covered in cloth to serve as a base for the coil spring mattress. The mattress and boxspring where mated to make up the complete bed. The job of the original boxspring was to make sure that the mattress was supported correctly. Now there are multiple foundation choices for you to use for a. Choosing to place a mattress on the floor will certainly achieve a minimalist look for the dцcor and give one the ultimate support for their mattress. This though also invites dirt and dust to be swept up onto the mattress and into your face as you sleep, making it an unhealthy environment. It is also going to be difficult to get out, or up, from bed as well as you will have to fall onto your mattress instead of getting comfortably into bed. Although they may still be referred to as a boxspring, a box foundation looks like the traditional boxspring but does not contain the springs. These are wonderful for they serve well as a strong wood support to a mattress but with the look of the matching traditional boxspring. GhostBed is the only online mattress company that offers a matching boxspring for their bed. The is easy to assemble. Once the frame is screwed together and wood slats are screwed in place, the fabric cover, that matches the GhostBed mattress cover, is fitted over the box to complete the foundation. The mattress atop the matching foundation can be placed on the floor or low frame. This mattress and foundation set in matching tufted gray fabric covers look lovely together.

Placing the mattress on a platform type base raises it off the floor and gives one many options for their dцcor. There are two types of platform beds; solid wood and wood slats. A solid wood base is exactly as it sounds. It is as if placing the mattress on a floor. Wood slats placed close together no more than two inches apart inside a frame provide a solid base as well. Want to really enjoy a full mattress experience then go all out for the ultimate adjustable base. Think of an entire bed turned into your favorite recliner. These bases have motors that adjust the lead and leg positions using a remote control. Adjustable bases are perfect for those with health problems, or who have pain, allowing one to adjust the bed just right for comfort and sleep. Often an added amenity in these bases is a massage feature as well. Some even include USB inputs for easy connecting to tech devices when in bed. Whatever you decide to use as a base for your mattress you will want to make sure that it will properly support your mattress in order for it to have a full and productive life. You also should make sure that if you are purchasing a solid frame foundation that you have the room for it to be able to be delivered to your bedroom. Small stairways and hallways may not accommodate the moving in of large pieces of solid furnishings. For the same reason a buildable foundation should be put together in the room that it will be residing in.
What Is the Best Wood to Use for Wood Foundations? Premium б that s finishedб DoesnБt split, snap or break like cheaper types of wood ItБs smooth, so you donБt have to worry about splinters On the other hand, wood foundations made from premium white pine are more sustainable because free-to-grow white pine grows up to four feet per year. When fully mature, these trees climb to heights of 200 feet or more.

Very strong! Think about how well this wood will support your mattress, which is not 200 feet in heightБ Our premium RTA wood foundations are handmade in Charleston, SC. Having complete control of the wood quality and craftsmanship (that you can watch in the video above) helps guarantee that you receive a foundation that ll last decades. White pineБs appearance is nearly all-white, which means itБll age gracefully. And since itБll be in your bedroom, this is important. If you live in a damp climate, I want you to take specific note of the rot-resistance of wood foundations made with white pine. If this is the foundation you choose to buy, then you wonБt have to worry about strong odors being emitted from the aging wood under your bed. Finishing the wood surface on all four sides helps increase the foundation sб lifespan. And although it seems like common sense to finish wood foundations this way, it s unfortunately not standard in the industry because there s no difference in looks from the outside. You can see this quality in the video above, but here s a closer look: A view from underneath our RTA wood foundation. I recommend wood foundations as the best boxspring alternative for most folks, but if a modern-looking bedroom is extremely important to you, then you may want to keep reading. With a little extra money to spend on a high-quality mattress foundation,б you may find exactly what you re looking for in a platform or adjustable bed. A beautiful platform bed by Urban Woods. As is the case with wood foundations, many platform beds have room underneath for storage. But due to the extra height of a platform bed, many of the newer foundations have space for realб drawers that are built into the bed itself. Coupled with a sleek modern design and vintage materials, a platform bed blurs the line between a chic lounging area and a functional, adjunct storage unit. Quite the improvement to any bedroom, if you ask me!

Do Platform Beds Require a Box Spring? On platform bed foundations, the wood slats that hold your mattress are securely installed into the bed frame, which helps guarantee any size sleeper can be supported. These slats also eliminate the need for a box spring because the bed itself acts as a sturdy base. Better Mattress Foundation: Platform Beds vs. Box Springs Though they have a higher upfront cost, consumers who invest in a quality platform bed can save money in the long run for the same reasons we discussed with non-platform wood foundations. They wonБt break down over time like box springs do. And depending on the exact model you choose, you may not have to worry about spending more money on a headboard and footboard. Most platform beds come as one unit, meaning the headboard, footboard, and bed frame are all attached as one unit. Keep this in mind as you re considering how much platform beds cost. Sleek. Modern. Clean-cut. These are all proper ways to describe platform mattress foundations and it s likely a reason home design company Houzz has an dedicated to integrating platform beds into modern bedroom design. At Sleeping Organic, we choose to carry the line manufactured by because of their quality craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Urban Woods also has lots of styles to choose from, which means you can easily match one of their wood finishes with the design of your room. Here s a sample of the finishes you can select from when you buy an Urban Woods platform bed: Urban Woods platform beds come in many styles and color options. Adjustable Beds; the Premium, Functionalб Foundation If you watch TV or read in bed, then youБll love having the ability to adjust your head and upper body, torso, feet, or all of the above (if youБre feeling adventurous) for added comfort and support. How do adjustable beds improve aches and pains?

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