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Youre in the middle of an interview, and things are moving along beautifully. Your prospective employer seems to like and trust you. Youve both shared a few stories. And, bonus, you even made your interviewer laugh. All signs point to you getting a second interview. And then, it happens. The hiring manager asks the one question youve been dreading. Its such a simple questionjust seven little wordsyet it always feels like some kind of trap. So easy to say the wrong thing and come off sounding arrogant, insecure, unprepared, self-serving, or all of the above. Why do you want to work here? Throughout my career, Ive been on both sides of the hiring table, and Ive heard some pretty awful responses to that question. Ive also heard several gemsresponses so good, I not only wanted to hire the candidate, I felt like he or she needed a promotion on the spot. If youre struggling to come up with a strong reply to this common interview question, you can breathe easy. After years of observation, Ive discovered a formula thats (almost) guaranteed to win over the person asking. Heres how it works. Someone asks, Why do you want to work here?
[My mentor once said to me] + [weave in one of the companys core values] = [that's why I want to work here] A mentor of mine once said to me, If youre ever given the choice between a fancy, high paying job at a company run by people with questionable motivesor a less prestigious job at a company doing good work in the worldchoose the second option.

Youll always regret it if you dont. Youll never regret it if you do. I want to work at a company that is committed to making the world a better place. Thats my number one criteria for accepting a positionthats why I want to work here. By using this formula in this way, and specifically quoting a mentor, youre squeezing a lot of information about yourself into one answer. Such as as the fact that: You hold experienced and successful people in high esteem. You dont just listen, but you also make the effort to learn from those around you. Youve thought deeply about why this job or company is an ideal fit for you. Youre clearly showing that you not only know and understand the companys values, but that you prepared for this specific conversation. Youre someone worth mentoring. Someone, somewhere along the way, took notice of you, saw potential, and took you under his or her wing. This translates into your interviewer thinking: This person is obviously special. We need her. Obviously, you shouldnt recite the formula verbatim.

Substitute a wise statement from an actual mentor from your own life, and adjust the wording accordingly. Make it genuine for you. Cant think of any wise words from a past mentor? Never had a mentor? No problem. You can still use this formula. Just tweak the wording so that instead of referencing a mentor, you say A college professor once said to me Back in high school, my track coach always used to tell us Growing up, my mom repeatedly said to me My very first boss told me something that Ill never forget Once, I had the privilege of meeting [notable public figure] and hearing her speak. On stage, she said something that still echoes in my mind to this day There you have it! It doesnt matter who youre quoting, the impact is the same. Youre piquing your interviewers curiosity by telling a story about a person who shaped your life. Plus, youre weaving in the companys values. Thats infinitely more interesting than saying, I just really love, uh, this companys mission, you know? Photo of. Working abroad is not an obvious fact for everyone but it can very interesting, both personally and professionally speaking. 1. Taking up a great challenge Living abroad is a challenging experience.

You will have to adapt to a new culture and a new way of life. Immersing yourself in a foreign environment requires flexibility and determination. That might not be easy at the beginning but it is a great life lesson. You will find yourself becoming more independent and will gain strength of character. 2. Broadening your horizons Taking the decision to go abroad will open your mind. You will meet people that dont necessarily think and live like you do. This will call into question what youve believed in so far and you will grow from this experience. You will make lasting and meaningful relationships and these few months or years abroad will change you forever. 3. Continuing your career In this period of economic and financial instability, it can be a good idea to go abroad if you cant get the job you want in your own country. In the countries that dont struggle to turn around their economies, you are more likely to get a good job with a competitive salary. Joining a large corporation will open you the doors to great benefits and perks. Something to consider if you feel like you are not finding the opportunities you are hoping for in your country. 4. Developing your skills set Each country has its own rules and its own way to work. This can be very interesting for you as you will learn to see the things from a different angle.

Your employer will teach you skills and impart knowledge that will enable you to be more efficient. Indeed, by widening your perspective, you will get a better overview of your scope of activities and you will have more creative and relevant initiatives. Intercultural competences are keys nowadays. 5. Getting more career opportunities Career development opportunities are significantly enhanced by a period spent working abroad. Working internationally gives you an edge over others. You will master another language than your native one. Multilingual employees are a real asset for big companies. They need people who are able to speak several languages to help them grow abroad. A person can have a job that has an impact on two or more markets and for that reason, she has to be able to communicate and negotiate in different languages. The second reason is that you will understand the work cultures and know the way people interact in business. Business codes are important and you have few chances to be hired to work on a specific market if you dont know these codes. The third and last reason is that by going abroad you show the recruiter that you have determination and ambition. Two qualities every employer is after.

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