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Dont forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. This is a phrase that viewers of my video will have heard me say again and again. I am notalone in this. Other Youtubers also encourage those that watch their videos to comment, rate and subscribe to their videos. Why is this so? What is the importance of having someone subscribe? When I ask you to subscribe I am in marketing terms giving you a Call to Action. Why is it important to have a Call to Action? Because they work in fact on video where I have no call to action I find the engagement of my audience drops by 70%! Don t believe me? When was the last time you went to a movie? asked you in various ways and multiple times to turn your cellphone off. Look around when they do this most of the audience is complying with this request. When people see this particular sign they complybecause they understand that it is the right thing to do. Some people do not necessarily want to turn their mobiles off but when they see others around them doing the same they are compelled to do so. This is one example where a Call to Action is proven effective. Besides that, here are valid reasons as to why a call to action can make adifference:
1. People Are More Likely To Take Action If Asked Based on my own personal experience with the videos that I upload the Real Men Real Style channel, people respond more if you simply ask them. Ive noticed that in all of those times when I didnt have a call to action and did not ask them to subscribe only about half the number did so. It is important to put the call to action at the start of the video as people will have less chances of getting distracted by something else. The other advantage of doing this is that in the event that the viewer does not make it to the end of the video, he will already have heard that call to action. 2. A Large Subscriber Base Is Important To Growth Revenue The more subscribers I have the more views I get every time I put out a new video. All of this goes into Googles algorithm and is a determining factor as to how important that video is and where it will be placed in the Google listing.

Subscribers attract advertisers When advertisers see that a channel has a solid number of subscribers, they can immediately make a decision if investing in the Youtube channel is worth their time and money. 3. More Subscribers Means Better Quality Free Videos The more subscribers we get, the more money we make. This impacts you because when I have more revenue I can dedicate more time and resources into creating great free videos with well-researched content. In fact your support over the last few years has enable me to hire a staff of almost a dozen people to include a videographer, artists, and writers! 4. YouTube Subscribers Get Bonuses If you re on a good email list or or a subscriber to a savvy marketer they are going to try to make you feel special by offering you insider perks. One way I do this on YouTube is offer my subscribers access to Ghost Videos. These ghost videos are a great way to get an insider peek at some of the things that are featured in Build Your Wardrobe : A Professional Mens Community- which is a paid program. I make them available for a limited time, and the only way to watch them is get the YouTube subscriber email notification and use that link! Hopefully, Ive made it clear why I have these call to actions. If you enjoyed this post, I highly encourage you to comment and subscribe to our Youtube channel-. Just as the number of followers youve got on Twitter or the number of fans youve got on Facebook can be an indicator of your popularity and success, the number of people subscribing to you on YouTube can be a good indicator of how much people enjoy watching your videos. But wait! you may say. I put my heart and soul into the videos I upload to YouTube. Im getting thousands of views but still nobody is subscribing to my channel. What gives? Weve put together a list of five likely reasons why nobody is subscribing to you on YouTube to help you get to the root of the problem. This is the obvious answer that may actually not be so obvious.

If you want people to subscribe to your channel then sometimes all you have to do is ask. If you have a section in your video where you talk directly to your viewers then you can simply say, Hey! Dont forget to subscribe! You can also ask your viewers to subscribe via. Annotations let you add text to your video reminding viewers to subscribe, and even links within the video where viewers can click to subscribe to your channel. You can remind people to subscribe in your video description. We started a last year and for the first nine or so months never asked anyone to subscribe. As a result, we had hardly any subscribers to show for our work. At the beginning of this month I went through and added linked annotations asking viewers to Subscribe! to our channel and we literally tripled our subscriber base in a matter of weeks. Though we still are very far from our ultimate goal, in terms of subscribers, adding annotations to our videos did wonders for us. Some of the most subscribed to YouTube channels are those that have strong personalities behind them, and others. People like these guys because they engage their audience. Not only do they speak directly to their viewers, but they also frequently ask them to get involved. In each episode of his bi-weekly show =3, RWJ asks his viewers a question. In the next episode he displays screenshots of some of the best answers from the comments. When you make your viewer feel engaged they are more likely to subscribe, not wanting to miss an upload. One week youre uploading videos of your cats, the next week youre uploading a rant about politics and the next youre sharing a video of yourself playing Call of Duty Black Ops. Unless someone is a video game playin, cat lovin, politician they probably arent going to subscribe. People subscribe because they want to see all your new videos when you upload them and if a large portion of your content doesnt appeal to them they are going to pass. How do you fix this problem? Just open a few different channelsone for each niche.

This way you can appeal to a wider variety of subscribers. The cat lovers will subscribe to your cat channel, the gamers will subscribe to your gaming channel, and your fellow politicos will subscribe to your news and politics channel. Sometimes in order to get subscribers, all youve got to do is promote yourself more. If you arent on Twitter and Facebook promoting your videos than you need to get on that ASAP. Twitter followers and Facebook fans are often the same people as your subscribers. All of the people that you drive to your video through promotions in social networks and beyond are potential subscribers. Check out our post on to learn more. Successful YouTubers have said, over and over again, that one of the best ways to grow your subscriber base is through collaboration. When you collaborate with other YouTubers that create and upload similar videos you gain access to their subscriber base, and vice versa. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with someone who has more subscribers than you dotake it! It could be just the thing you need to give your subscriber base a boost. Finally, if you think you are doing all of the things on this list and you still arent getting people to subscribe then maybe its time to step back and take a look at what youre doing. There is, unfortunately, always a possibility that nobody is subscribing because your content simply isnt worthwhile. Ask a few people you know to watch your videos and be brutally honest with you. If they dont like your videos, they may have some advice about how you can improve your videos to appeal to your viewers. If youve got any other ideas of why people may not be subscribing to someone on YouTube feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Megan ONeill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times. Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.

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