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Are you looking for a community service project for school credit or to boost your resume? Looking to find a group of friends after moving to a new town? Want to spend time with animals and learn about them, but can t commit to a new pet right now? Try volunteering at your local animal shelter, or! Volunteering to help animals means more than just cleaning up messes. Animal rescue facilities have websites and social networking profiles, and need tech-savvy people to help maintain a web presence. They need party planners, cooks, and artists to help advertise and run outreach events. Handy people are needed to build storage structures and play equipment for the animals. Writers and artists can pair compelling rescue stories and pet profiles with attractive videos and photos to share on the rescue s website and social media pages. Even legal experts are in demand to review copyright and animal welfare issues. No matter what your passion and specialty, your local rescue. So if you have the time and love animals, contact your local, or
and ask if they could use a hand. 1. Make a Difference Sadly, animals are put down every year in shelters that take in animals more quickly than they can adopt them out. Staff shortage is one major reason why these shelters aren t. As a volunteer, your work could save animals lives and help them find loving forever homes. In addition to caring for animals, and outreach would raise awareness of the shelter and sway people towards adopting a pet instead of buying from a pet store or breeder. 2.

Meet Good People Many single adults have trouble making meaningful friends, especially after moving to a new town. The bar and online scene is fast-paced and artificial, and continuing education classes can be expensive and competitive. Volunteering at an animal shelter ensures that you re surrounded by caring people, all working toward a common goal. You ll see the same people on a regular basis, and can bond through your common interest of helping animals and the inevitable that incoming critters will inspire. In this type of environment, it s inevitable that you ll make quality, dependable friends who care. 3. Feel Better It s no secret that spending quality time with an animal has. If you re unable to have a pet at home, you can reap many of the same bonding with animals at your local rescue facility. Petting an animal relieves stress and lowers blood pressure, walking and playing with a dog keeps obesity at bay and bonding with an animal curbs loneliness and gives your life a sense of purpose. 4. Learn Something New If you re out of school, it s hard to get in a new trade without spending money on continuing education classes. Depending on your local rescue s size and resources, you could learn anything from computer skills like Web development and Photoshop to classic trades like construction. And of course you ll learn a lot about rehabilitating, training, grooming and feeding animals, all skills you can use at home when you care for your own pets. 5. Get an Edge Sometimes, it s tough to even get an entry-level position in your field.

Temporary jobs might pay the bills, but they leave a gap on your resume which potential employers will frown upon. Using your expertise to help animals keeps your skills fresh and gives you something impressive to add to your resume, portfolio, or college application. If you really love volunteering at your shelter, you might consider a permanent there, in which case you d have a strong advantage over outside competitors who don t know the staff or the shelter s inner workings. 6. Find the Perfect Companion Choosing a pet is a big decision, and some people are too quick to take home a pet based on appearance when his demeanor and energy level might not be a good fit. Working at a shelter helps you get to know different animals on many levels how they play, their, how they act with kids and other pets, and how much training they ll need. You might fall in love with a breed you didn t expect, or for a friend who s looking for a pet. Image source: /Facebook A few weeks ago I volunteered at an animal shelter for the first time, and I absolutely loved it. I was able to give back to the community by spending time with dogs that needed some love and attention. Even if youвre only giving an hour a week at the shelter, it really makes a difference to the pets and staff there. Here are 10 reasons why you should volunteer at your local animal shelter. 1. Helping out pets in need A lot of pets that end up in shelters are strays or were given up for adoption.

Depending on the size of the shelter, each animal may not be getting the attention they need, so volunteering to spend time with them helps improve their lives and chances of getting adopted since you are helping to keep them socialized and allowing them to not go stir crazy in their kennels. Photo Credit: 2. Giving back to the community Thereвs just something about volunteering that makes you feel good inside. Youвre putting in time and effort while not asking for anything in return, so of course you should feel good! Caring enough to help out the community is a reward on its own. 3. Gaining experience if you plan to adopt If youвre planning to adopt one day, volunteering is a great way to dip your toes in the water. The shelter probably canвt teach you everything, but itвs a good start on learning how to properly walk a dog and get used to picking up after it. 4. Could help you make the decision to adopt Even if youвve never thought about adopting before, who knows? Once you see a dog at the shelter and get to know it a little better, you may find yourself wanting to take it home. 5. Fun group activity Thereвs no such thing as too many volunteers, so take a few friends with you when you volunteer. Itвs just as fun as shopping or going to the movies and as an added bonus, it doesnвt hurt your wallet. Photo Credit: 6. Meeting other volunteers Strangers are just friends you havenвt met yet, and what better place to find friends than at the shelter? You get to talk to other people who share an interest in dogs and share some fun pet experiences. 7.

Great for a resume Even though itвs not a paid job, volunteering does have its benefits in the long run. Whether youвre applying for college or a job, most employers value the fact that you care about your community. 8. De-stress from work Work and school can get stressful, but volunteering is actually a pretty good stress reliever. Playing with a dog will really take your mind off of things, while walking a dog lets you stretch those legs and get some exercise in. Photo Credit: 9. Leads to more volunteering opportunities If youвre looking for bigger responsibilities at your local shelter, ask the staff if there are more opportunities for you to help out. Until I asked one of the volunteers, I didnвt even know that my local shelter hosts an annual event to promote adoption. Now, I have an extra volunteering opportunity to add to my calendar that Iвm totally excited for. 10. Volunteering can lead to a full-time job A lot of the employees at shelters usually start out as volunteers. One volunteer that I talked to at my local shelter just recently joined the rescue board. Now she helps make big decisions on behalf of the shelter and the dogs there. If saving the lives of animals is a passion for you, volunteering can be the start of a very fulfilling career. Did we miss any other reasons to volunteer at your local animal shelter? What do you like best about volunteering? Let us know in the comments below. В Featured Image Credit:В (modified)

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