why do you want an internship with this company

Before you start When your interview is arranged, Experience Education will send you an email giving you details of the practicum or internship you are interviewing for, the date, the time, the name of the interviewer, directions and finally the web address. Example:
Hello Sam Pul, How are you? Good news! You will have an interview this Friday, May 14th at 2:30pm. The interview will be with a company called Ersatz DW Co. Ersatz DW is located in downtown Vancouver on 483 Granville Street. Your interviewers name is Charlie he is the company president. You will be interviewing for an internship in graphic design. You will help create logos on Adobe Illustrator based on artist drawings. You will assist with the creation of posters and brochures, and you will edit the work of more senior designers. You will work under close supervision of a graphic designer named Lola. Before the interview, we want you to research the company very carefully. Please visit www. ersatzdw. web. bc. Make sure you understand who the companys key products, who their customers are, how they make money, and how long they have been operating. Someone from our office will go to the interview with you. Please come to our office at 2:00pm and we will walk to the company together. Remember to dress formally no jeans or running shoes. Good luck. See you Friday. Best regards, You will probably get this email 2 or 3 days before the actual interview. Please use this time to research the host company website. It will be important for you later. A lot of the interview questions require that you know something about the company.

These websites are written for native speakers, so the English can be complex. That means you cant research the company at the last minute and hope to succeed you need to research at least 1 day in advance in order to give yourself enough time to translate parts of the website, and to understand in detail what the company does. Next dress nicely. Notice that in the email, it says dress formally, no jeans or running shoes. Heres what that means these are the kind of clothes you should wear while some are more formal than others, any of these styles would be suitable: Even if the company seems casual and relaxed on their website, even if your interviewer is in jeans, even if it only has 4 or 5 workers, dress nicely. Not doing so, shows carelessness and a lack of respect and the company will notice it. FYI if you didnt bring nice clothes with you, try: If you didnt bring formal work clothes with you, you can buy them here. This is the cheapest place to buy nice clothes. Theres a Joe outlet 50 metres from our office. H M. Same as in your country, cheap, affordable clothes theres one at Pacific Centre. Value Village. Second hand (used clothes and shoes). If you want to be super cheap, you can find a suit here for as low as $10. You can find the best. To get there, take the number 20 bus from directly in front of our office. Like the dreaded , the question, Why are you interested in this position? is sure to come up in an interview.

And, even if it doesnt, if you want the job you should get this sentiment across regardless. So, really, theres no way around figuring out how to string together a coherent thought about why this being in this position makes sense for you (and for the company). Luckily, theres actually a pretty simple way to go about answering this question effectively without having to go through every big moment or transition in your life and career thats brought you to this interview. Heres a smart framework for how you should structure your answer. First things first, this is an excellent opportunity for you to show off what you know about the company. You can talk all day about how excited you are about joining the team, but nothing will trump actually knowing a thing or two about the place youre interviewing with. So, to prepare, and select a few key factors to incorporate into your pitch for why youre a good fit. Say youre interviewing for a small quantitative asset management company. The start of your answer might sound something like this: Especially with smaller companies, its always impressive when a candidate knows a thing or two about what goes on at the company. And the best thing about this is you rarely have to go beyond reviewing the company website or having a quick conversation with a current or past employee to learn enough to sound like youve been following the company for a while. Next, you want to sell why, exactly, youre right for the role. There are two ways you can do this: You can either focus more on your experiences (what youve done before that brings you to this point) or your skills (especially helpful if youre pivoting positions or industries).

Try to pinpoint what the main part of the role entails, plus a couple of the desired skills in the job description, and make sure you speak to that. Follow up your introduction to how excited you are about the company with why youre a good fit: Keep it shortyoull have plenty of opportunities to talk about how you got your skills or relevant stories throughout the interviewand just focus on highlighting a couple key relevant abilities or experiences for the position. Finally, you want to show that the position makes sense for where youre going in your career. Ideally, you wont give the impression that youre just using the position as a stepping stone. Show that youll be around for the long haul, and your interviewer will feel more comfortable investing in you: Of course, you dont have to state specifically that you see yourself in the position for a long time. Just show that youve given some thought to how the job makes sense for you now and that it continues to make sense for the foreseeable future. String these three components together, and you have a response that will impress on three fronts: your knowledge and enthusiasm for the company, your relevant skills, and your general fit with the position. Plus, this framework has the added benefit of not stopping the flow of the conversation the way going through your entire life story would.

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