why is israel important to the united states

We all know why the creation of a Palestinian state would be dangerous for Israel the indefensible borders, the vulnerable airports, the lack of water sources. But let s consider why a Palestinian state would be dangerous for America. Turmoil and instability : The Palestinians have a long record of fomenting regional instability. They provoked an armed conflict with King Hussein of Jordan. They instigated a civil war in Lebanon. It s only a matter of time before a Palestinian state would stir up turmoil and mayhem throughout the region. That kind of chaos, in such a sensitive region of the world, is the last thing the U. S. needs. Proxy for rogues: The Palestinians have always allied themselves with the most extreme and aggressive regimes in the world: in the old days, it was the Soviet Union; today, it s North Korea and Iran. Palestine would quickly invite Iranian volunteers and North Korean missiles. It would become a proxy-state for the world s worst rogue regimes. How would an Iranian port in Gaza be good for America? Against American values : We can already see from the Palestinian Authority s practices over the past 23 years what kind of state it would have. Islam will be the state religion. Elections will be held rarely, if ever. Critics of the regime will be suppressed. Labor unions will be harassed. Prisoners will be tortured. Christians will be intimidated. Women will be second-class citizens. The Islamist and authoritarian values embodied by the Palestinian state will be the exact opposite of the democratic and pluralistic values that we Americans cherish. Enmity towards America: A Palestinian state would be an actively anti-American state in word and deed. How do we know? Just look at what the Palestinian Authority has been teaching its people, and especially its children, for the past two decades.

The PA s media and schools portray the United States as racist, colonial, and war-mongering. They accuse the U. S. of carrying out the 9/11 attacks, spreading disease and immorality, and conspiring against Islam. A Palestinian state will promote hatred of America, vote against the U. S. in international forums, and align itself with radical Third World regimes. The world already has plenty of America-hating countries. Why do we need yet another? One of the more remarkable things about the PA s behavior has been its habit of taking $500-million from the U. S. every year and then turning around and naming streets, parks, schools, and sports competitions after terrorists who have murdered Americans. Some of them are even named after the notorious Dalal Mughrabi, a terrorist who murdered the niece of a U. S. senator. If this is how the PA acts now, when it desperately needs U. S. support for its statehood campaign, just imagine how it will act when it has a sovereign state and no longer needs American assistance. Undermining America s ally : Israel has always been America s closest friend and most reliable ally. As a matter of principle, and as a matter of strategic wisdom, the United States should always stand by its friends. To set up a Palestinian state along Israel s borders would pose a grave danger to our ally. It would also undermine the confidence of all of America s allies, and call into doubt the value of America s promises. D ragging the U. S. into overseas conflicts
: Israel has never asked the United States to defend it militarily. The Israelis fight their own battles. But if a weakened, shrunken Israel is in danger of being overrun by a Palestinian-Iranian-North Korean onslaught, there will be tremendous pressure on the United States to take military action rather than see its closest ally destroyed.

Thus the U. S. could find itself dragged into an overseas conflict that was entirely preventable. In every conceivable respect, a Palestinian state would be bad for America bad for American values, bad for American interests, and bad for America s allies. (Stephen M. Flatow, a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, is an attorney in New Jersey. He is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995. ) Bankruptcy lawyer has been announced as President-elect Donald Trump s choice for ambassador to Israel. The appointment of Friedman, who once a Jewish lobby group to concentration camp prisoner-guards, is a controversial one and some liberal Jewish groups in the U. S. as well as a have the decision. One of Friedman s more contentious views is his determination to help Trump move the U. S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is not recognized by the United Nations as the country s capital. Here s why: After the Second World War, the State of Israel was established and gradually recognized de jure or lawfully by most of the world s countries. However, although the U. N. recognized the state of Israel in 1948, allowing it to become a member state, it placed the whole city of Jerusalem under international control (a corpus separatum ) on Dec. 13 1949. Despite this, most governmental offices moved to the city. But in 1967, during the Six-Day War, Israel captured the eastern section of Jerusalem, which Jordan presided over, and declared Israeli law, jurisdiction and administration would be applied to the whole city. Israel s occupation of East Jerusalem has and was condemned by the U. N. , as well as other states. In 1980, the Knesset declared that Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel, but this law was declared null by the U. N. , which called for the removal of the remaining embassies in the city.

A statement from Israel s Foreign Ministry called the resolution unjust and additional proof that the U. N. organization has been converted into an instrument in the hands of Israel s enemies in their war against her existence and independence. Countries continued to locate their foreign embassies in Tel Aviv, Israel s second largest city, situated on the Mediterranean coast, and the refusal to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli territory has become a near-universal policy among Western nations. To this day, no countries have an embassy in Jerusalem although have all called for moving the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem. Both Clinton and Bush backpedaled once they were in the Oval Office but Trump seems to be signaling he is willing to do what they would not. The U. N. still maintains its position on Jerusalem. In October 2009, the U. N. s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that Jerusalem must be the capital of both Israel and Palestine living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all for peace in the Middle East to be achieved. This is the road to the fulfilment of both the vision of [U. N. ] Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, and the yearning for peace of people from all over the world,. The status of Jerusalem remains a crucial issue in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel remains determined that Jerusalem be its undivided capital, while Palestinians are seeking to establish their capital in East Jerusalem. Friedman s declaration upon his appointment that he is looking forward to taking up his post in the U. S. embassy in Israel s eternal capital, Jerusalem will surely serve to enflame tensions once again.

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