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why do you want a job in sales

Over here at we have thousands of sales jobs listed but the question remains, why choose a job in sales in the first place? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose a job in sales, according to Miriam George, an executive coach and managing director of PDC Healthcare. Most businesses rely heavily on revenue generated by sales. Given this, a successful salesperson can rise high within a company and, more easily than other industry, change company. or even switch to another industry. There is no shortage of training workshops available for salespeople. There are also sections in bookstores dedicated to becoming a sales person. While some training programmes out there are less than great, there are many resources available to improve your sales skills. One thing that can definitely be said about sales is that it's not boring. It's a career filled with excitement, often generated from opportunities you found and seized upon.

One of the greatest skills a sales person can have is initiative. Some people have it, others don't. But for those who do have it, it means great freedom when working because you select your own plan of action. Your company sets goals for you, but you're the one who figures out how to achieve them. As an integral part of the main source of money for companies, it is right that you reap financial rewards. You will come across excellent salary packages that include base salaries, benefits and generous commission schemes. And unlike with most jobs, the harder you work, the more you make. Companies are always in need of a sales department. In fact, in times of trouble, companies put a bigger push on sales. As a sales person, you need to present a confident image, which means that spending a money on nice clothes is practically a business expense.

Because sales can be found in virtually all companies, it means you can go after companies and brands you believe in. With a strong sales career, not only can you continue up the ladder toP
but often you can go into business administration. Sales gives you several transferable skills, such as learning how to be an entrepreneur, manage budgets, improve time managment and speak in public. While you can learn sales techniques, certain people are natural at persuading others. Be proud of your gift and use it to create a great career for yourself. Want to work in sales now?. Give an example of a) when you've influenced someone to your way of thinking and b) a time you faced adversity and how you dealt with it? Double jointed questions like this can often be pitched to test your composure and accuracy under pressure. Take a quick moment to mentally break it down and think about how you will finish as well as how to start.

Your influence could range from a discussion within a group of peers to something in a business context like getting your boss to listen to ideas that they weren't keen on before. Perhaps you changed the perception of a sports team you play in or class you discussed or debated in. The interviewer will be looking for you to approach the problem using a direct, tactful and verbal influence. Any interaction and involvement of other people when discussing will also be noted as a positive. A time when you've faced adversity could be a moment in your personal life or difficulties you have faced in previous employment. Perhaps you've made tough decisions in a crisis or come across a task that was challenging which you still managed to work on through. How it affected you and how you dealt with it are key points here.

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