why do you want a career in sales interview question

Give an example of a) when you've influenced someone to your way of thinking and b) a time you faced adversity and how you dealt with it? Double jointed questions like this can often be pitched to test your composure and accuracy under pressure. Take a quick moment to mentally break it down and think about how you will finish as well as how to start. Your influence could range from a discussion within a group of peers to something in a business context like getting your boss to listen to ideas that they weren't keen on before. Perhaps you changed the perception of a sports team you play in or class you discussed or debated in. The interviewer will be looking for you to approach the problem using a direct, tactful and verbal influence. Any interaction and involvement of other people when discussing will also be noted as a positive. A time when you've faced adversity could be a moment in your personal life or difficulties you have faced in previous employment.

Perhaps you've made tough decisions in a crisis or come across a task that was challenging which you still managed to work on through. How it affected you and how you dealt with it are key points here.
As sales recruiters, we know there is always one sales interview question you can be certain you will be asked during a job interview. Some are generalized, some are based on skills and experience, and then there are questions that you could classify as pesky. The sales interview question that many sales professionals struggle with is, БWhy do you want to work in sales? Б You may hear other variations of the question, such as: What made you choose sales? What do you enjoy about working in sales? Why did you choose sales over other careers? How did you get into sales? Why did you stay in the industry? Interviewers ask this question to gain insights into your level of commitment.

If you got into sales because it was the only job available at the time, it shows you may not have the passion and commitment they are looking for in a candidate. But if you got into sales because you have a passion and genuine interest in the industry, it could be a sign to the sales recruiter that you are a potential long-term fit. They want to understand your motivation and if you have the drive to be successful. 1. How Not to Answer БWhy Sales? Б This is a question you should be prepared to answer. БBecause I like salesБ is not the approach you should take. For starters, it shows you may not have been prepared for the question. It could also cause the interviewer to question your dedication and passion for sales. Also, never respond to this question by saying that you like the money. Obviously, this shows that money is your main motivating factor.

Even if money is why you got into sales, itБs not something to communicate during an interview. 2. The Best Approach to Answering БWhy Sales? Б To answer this question effectively, there are certain things you should address in your response: Craft your answer based on personal experiences and successes. This will help you differentiate from other candidates, especially if they provide ill-prepared or canned answers to this common sales job interview questions. Remember, even if itБs a common question, donБt overlook its importance. Learn more by reading SalesForce Search is a sales recruiting company which specializes in the recruitment and placement of sales professionals. We recruit sales people in every sector of the economy including, software, manufacturing, financial services and medical devices. Find the right sales person for your organization,.

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