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To get a better outlook on what to really expect, weвve compiled a list of the most pertinent reasons to choose a career in finance. When thinking about a career in finance we often imagine. We re going to have to disappoint you (or bring some relief, depending on how you look at it) because that s not what happens in real life when you get a job in this sector. To get a better outlook on what to really expect, we ve compiled a list of the most pertinent reasons to choose. It is a financially rewarding career Working in the financial sector is very lucrative. As a chartered accountant, for instance, you will be in the. Typically, entry-level jobs have a good base salary and also many options to earn big bonuses throughout the year. Overall, the compensation in the finance industry is often much more generous than in lots of other sectors. You re making a difference This might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but working in the finance sector means you are doing a meaningful job. You are helping people achieve their goals by assisting them in investments, retirement plans, a loan for their house or a plan to finance their children s education. You are the one making sure they can and will be able to handle these things. On a bigger level, you can play a big role in the smooth running of the country s - or even the world s - economy. You are the one with the proper knowledge and resources to provide solutions to every problem. It s a job with many opportunities to climb the ladder fast Compared to other industries, financial firms put more weight on accomplishments than seniority to climb the ladder.

If you re a high performer, you will move up ranks quickly, regardless of your age. There are plentiful examples of directors at huge organisations who started as a graduate at the bottom of the company. There s a wide variety of roles and specialisations The finance industry is very broad and there a lot of different roles and specialisations within all the different divisions. This means a lot of opportunities to get a job in the sector and advance until you ve got your dream job. You could work in corporate management, personal financial planning, investment banks as well as many other intermediary companies. Building a career in financial services can also be a launching pad for accomplishments in other fields. Take Mike Bloomberg who went from Wall Street to mayor of New York City, or Martha Stewart, who went from financial advisor to media mogul. You never stop learning Constant innovation is commonplace in the financial services sector. Finance is driven by technology and this gives employees in the finance sector very rewarding opportunities to develop and innovate. As a finance worker you have to keep learning new methods every day, and maybe one day you ll be the one delivering a solution that makes a huge difference in the way business is done. Ka-ching! Ready to take the jump? Visit the
to browse the latest finance jobs in the market. "I want to make a lot of money" doesn't seem like a good answer, so how do you all answer this question? Why Do you Want to Work in Finance?

This is a critical interview question that you will be asked in almost any intern interview or change of career interview. Why do you want to do finance or investment banking? Why this firm? Why are you a good fit? Research the firm beforehand - what their "About Page" focuses on, what values and principles they abide by. Tailor these answers for each firm or industry and practice them. When approaching this particular "why" question - you should tailor it to a story of how you became interested in finance. You should not reference "money" as an answer. That is implied - while some people may like it - there is low reward to that answer. Undergrad Answer If you are still in school it should bridge the gap from you major, your extra-curricular experiences, or your background to why you are interested in working in finance. Sample Answer for Finance Major I first became interested in finance when my father taught me about his own personal investing habits. While he was talking about his own personal portfolio, something sparked my interest which led me to want to learn more about the markets. This interest eventually led me to want to puruse finance at XYZ university. At XYZ university I joined our student investment club which helped me learn more about the finance world and the markets. I found that I was excited to learn about the different connections that exist in the market which led me to want to pursue finance for a career. Sample Answer for Non-Finance Major My interest in finance started in my entry level economics class.

I was tasked with taking a macro-economics class in the pursuit of my political science degree. The professor had us do a mock portfolio challenge and invest based off of macro-economic data only. This excersize made me very interested in the dynmaic nature of the markets which led me to want to puruse some element of finance in my career so that I could connect my interest in politics and the economy with my career. Change of Career If you are coming out of a different career looking to get into finance, you should be able to tell a story that bridges the gap between what you were doing and why you are interested in finance. Sample Answer for Change of Career After graduating XYZ university, I began work in the pharmaceutical industry working for XYZ company. Throughout my time at the company, I did R D on drugs - several of which were ultimately sold off to different companies. Eventually the company that I was working for was sold to a larger conglomerate. Through this process with the company, I became interested in processes and wanted to be involved in purchase and sale of the company rather than just developing drugs to be sold. This led me to puruse my in the interest of moving into the sell side of finance, specifically investment banking. Preparing for investment banking interviews? investment banking interview course is designed by countless professionals with real world experience, tailored to people aspiring to break into the industry. This guide will help you learn how to answer these questions and many, many more.

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