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Most online institutions will try almost anything to try and get you to attend. This is why it is so important for you to do your research and take your time in deciding what online institution you end up attending. Students often do not research the online faculty that teaches at a particular online institution. What kind of faculty are you looking for? Obviously, you should strive to be taught by faculty who have real world experience in their field, but does that particular online college or university have faculty that know how to teach online? There are obviously major differences between teaching in the traditional face to face classroom and online. Not all faculty who teach in the traditional face to face classroom are good online faculty and vice versa. Each online faculty has their own online teaching style. Many people ask me why I teach online and I thought I would share with you why in a blog post. 1. Diversity of Students. I have taught for years in the traditional college classroom and have often found the students to come from very similar racial, ethnic, religious, ages, and geographical backgrounds. Teaching online has exposed me to students of different races, ethnicities, religions, ages, and most of all geographical regions of the USA and even world! 2. Flexibility. I can sleep in every morning and take breaks at will. If there is a family emergency, it is easy for me to just get up and help and not have to call into work. I can also go on vacation and trips at will, just as long as I have my laptop and air card. I donвt have to get dressed for work or even shave (my wife always gives me hell for this! I think she is just jealous). 3. Social Media and Relevance. I can more easily communicate with my students via, E-mail, Texting,
and Instant Messenger.

When I see very relevant online information that pertains to the classes I teach, I can share it with the class with a click of the mouse at any time! 4. Availability. I often find that I get in touch with my dean and other online campus administrators much faster online than I could when I taught on the traditional college campus. 5. Diversity of Classes and Institutions. I can teach a number of subjects for a number of institutions. For example, I teach 10-15 courses per quarter in Cultural Diversity, Critical Thinking, Strategies for Success, Problem Solving, Oceanography, World and Global Geography, Ecology, Contemporary World Culture, Marine Biology, and Society and Technology as well as faculty and student workshops. I also teach pre-law students, nursing students, people in the military, psychology majors, tech. students, criminology majors, associate degree students, bachelor degree students, and even graduate students. I could not do this on a traditional college campus. 6. Individual Attention. Each week I can influence hundreds of students and give them the individual attention they crave in order to be successful. 7. Learning. Sometimes I think that I am learning more than my students. I have students who are much older than me and have more life experience than I do and I really enjoy learning from them and interacting with them in the online learning environment. I am news and political junkie, but I find that listening to my students gives me a better perspective of what real people really care about and not just what I see on TV and in blogs. 8. Professional Development. Teaching online gives me access to many professional journals and online resources for free. I also get to interact, learn, and present too many of my fellow online faculty across the world.

I also get to take many free weekly online workshops, classes, and webinars. 9. Creativity. I get to make fun and colorful PowerPoint Presentations and use fun and provocative online images and pictures. I can take ownership of my online courses because I created them. Just call me an online architect! 10. Damn itвs fun, new, and exciting! Enough said! In conclusion, by asking an online faculty that teaches at a particular institution why they teach online may give you a better perspective on the type of institution they teach for online and the type of online institution you want to attend. Good online institutions will have very passionate and experienced online faculty. Will you now ask to speak with online faculty at a particular online institution you plan on possibly attending? Let us know on Facebook or. Stay В tuned next week for another thought provoking blog post! When I I didn t know what to expect, but I knew that it was going to be better than working at a school, or for a big corporation. I wanted to be independent and wanted to be my own boss. So, I took the leap and I have been working as a freelance teacher for over a year now. At the moment I see lots of benefits and only a few disadvantages of being an online teacher. If you are thinking of becoming one too and are not yet convinced, here are the reasons why you should teach online. If you want to become a digital nomad and travel the world while working, then online teaching is a great option. All you need is internet and a few ideas for your lessons. If you work for a company that Pprovides you with students, then you don t need to plan your classes either! Even if you re hired by an agency you are still your own boss.

You decide when you work and how many hours you do. You can take holidays whenever you want or you can work your butt off if you wish so. You are in charge of your time and that s a very liberating feeling. This was my main motivation to become an Online English Teacher and one of the things I love about it I don t need to get up early unless I want to. I start my day at 10 each morning and I enjoy having a lot of time for myself and for my blogging before I start work. It s a perfect job for a sleepyhead like me. I struggled a little with the dress code in Thailand. Thais are crazy about wearing appropriate colours and at my school each day had a different dress code. I was tired with being careful what colours I wear. It s a great relief that I no longer need to do it. If you use a camera then of course you must look professional and well groomed, but you don t need to wear shirts, suits and heels. You can just put some casual clothes on and sit in your slippers. It s a very comfortable way of working. People who pay for private lessons tend to have more motivation to learn. They are determined and hard working. You can see the results and at the end of each class you feel that it was time well spend. I am always happy when my students ask me questions at the end of each lesson. This means that they listened and are interested in studying further. Online lessons give them more opportunity to do so and even the shyest students become a little more eager to inquire about things that they want more information on. If you ve ever taught in a school, you know how much time you need to spend to stay in control of the students and the lesson. Many times you have pupils, who just refuse to study and don t pay attention.

At the end of the day it leaves you exhausted and demotivated. That s why online lessons are much better for both the teachers and the students. During my online classesPI never encounter rude behaviour. I can spend all my energy on making sure that the student follows the lesson and absorbs the most important points of the class. When I worked as a teacher in Thailand most of my time was spent on lesson planning and checking tests. I often had to take them home with me and spend evenings going through them, correcting endless errors and giving grades. These times are over. Nowadays I don t do anything except my lessons. I don t even need to do lesson plans, which saves me a great amount of time and effort. Even if you can t travel and explore the world, then let the world come to you. During my private and group classes I ask my students about their countries. I google different places and plan trips for the future. I find out a lot about other cultures and we often spend quite a lot of time just comparing our countries and talking about traditions and customs. Sometimes you can travel without leaving your home. Online teaching is not the most exciting job in the world and you can t become a multimillionaire doing it, but it is rewarding, gives you a huge amount of freedom and Psaves your energy that you can spend on something you really like doing. In my next article I will tell you how to become an online English teacher. I work for Education First an American company that employs teachers from all over the world. If you would like to know more, or if you would like to apply for a teaching position with them, please follow this linkP. In your application put Joanna Szreder as a referee. P

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