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why do white people think they are better

History proves you are not because if so, you would have not taken black people from Africa. When white people came to Africa the white people did not eat well we taught you how to eat. You had bad teeth and was malnutrition. When adopted you bad eating habits when you brought us here. Black people taught you how to eat, when you came to Africa and stole our history. We were not slaves you white people enslave us. The white people history is from the cold ages, that is why you are the color you are.

That is why black people is black due to the melanin in their skin, we are the island people. White people lived in caves. You rape our women, beat our men, took us away for of native country, rob the history and you say better. Research your white history you European whites people and you will find you are not better just evil. We are the original people, you even carved off the nose on the Egyptian gods and goddesses to make it appears they are white.

You don't even know your own history or where you came from.
That said, even if some of the thank you hosannas veer performative and my goodness some of them do a thank you-performance is still better than a fuck you. Acknowledgement and credit matter, particularly when there are still people and. But perhaps some of the energy and resources spent into sending every black person an Edible Arrangement this week can be applied more usefully.

Because, to be perfectly frank, the black people who voted in Alabama to keep Moore out of office and the black people who voted to keep Trump out were not doing this to save white people s asses. There was no altruism here, and no reflexive deification is necessary. Aside from Janelle Monae, we re not magical. We re just political pragmatists who have been forged into pragmatism because of historical circumstance.

And when asked to choose between problematic and OMFG this motherfucker is insane which, in 2017 America, is the often the choice between Democrat and Republican we (generally) choose problematic. Because, for us, the OMFG this motherfucker is insane choice is literally life-threatening. (It s a life threatening choice for vulnerable white people too, but some of them are too blinded by whiteness to care very much about it. )

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