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why does my truck pull to the right

Sorry Farmer, Im not trying to hijack your post here, but it seems that we are both chasing the same demon. Because it is on the same topic I will take the liberty to answer to some of the suggestions, at least on my behalf. Maybe we will both benefit. Regarding hubs: These were the reason I started working on my front end in the first place. My SOTF failed and I found that it was because of bad wheel bearings. (I located the source of my problem by researching on this site.

Thank you to all who take the time to share here. ) Anyway, I replaced bearings, seals, ball joints and tie rod ends while I had the front end apart. Front end was tight but pulled right. I have confirmed that hubs work correctly. I have since had the truck into 3 alignment shops and have followed suggestions of replacing steering box, shocks and sway bar links.

Tires are new BFG All Terrains and have been rotated without any change. Both front tires spin freely and brake application is equal and smooth. I will look into replacing the front brake lines as suggested just to eliminate another possible problem. My vehicle is a 2000 F350 4X4 SRW with stock suspension.

Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
I've had my '06 2WD aligned and it still wants to pull to the right. I took it back and had them double check the alignment and they said they made a couple minor adjustments, but it still wants to pull to the right. If I let go of the wheel, it will go straight for a few seconds and then goes hard to the right.

I've got new tires with good pressures in them. It also seems like it wants to wander around a little too. I have to actually try to keep it straight in the lane. Is there something else that might be going on with the steering besides alignment? I've had the same guy align other vehicles of mine, so I'm pretty confident he knows what he's doing. October 2, 2011 by 1990ss

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