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why do white people dislike black people

Ok the premise of the original post is bullcrap so trying to answer it is a waste of time. White people do not hate black people or rather no more than they hate brown people Chinese people or even other white people who speak a different language. That goes for any colour, creed religion. Humans are naturally drawn to groups that they define in many many ways. These groups then compete for the limited resources around them. This has been happening since life started on this planet. Bacteria competed with other bacteria dinosaurs competed with other dinosaurs and mammals compete with other mammals. Black people, a lot of them are completely dumb to actual history and learn bastardised history taught to them to alleviate personal responsibility now. For instance black people start their knowledge from when they were taken by Europeans and sold into slavery around the world.

If you ask them about Africa before this, and I have, they will tell you about a utopian society where all the blacks their lived in harmony with nature and each other and the violence only came with the white man. This is utter nonsense. Africa had about 1500 or more tribes living in it who were constantly warring with one another. They killed and enslaved each other for thousands if years before European contact. They sold captured slaves or traded captured slaves with middle eastern and Asian people as and when they came in contact with them. Please don t think this is a tirade against black people as this status quo happened all across the world. Arabs enslaved other Arabs and Asians enslaved other Asians whites enslaved other whites.

Hell even native Americans enslaved each other. Why some blacks and whites perceive this as a bigger deal then historically maybe it should be is not only because it was nearly the last big colonisation. Europe and Asia had been carved up for centuries and the people who suffered in those carve ups are lost to history. I would hedge a bet as those two continents were more densely populated that the death and enslavement toll exceeded that of the Africans. In fact the reason the Europeans were able to colonise Africa relatively easily was due to the fact the was such a wide number of tribes who were happy to help the Europeans defeat their enemy tribes. The unlucky bit for the African continent was that this colonisation came at exactly the same time as the oceans opened up with better maps and ships.

As to now I think it s laughable to sit here and blame slavery for the state of black people in America.
Internalized racism is defined as the by people of towards members of their own, including themselves. This can include the belief in relating to their own group. In her study The Psychology of Racism, Robin Nicole Johnson writes that this definition does 'not provide a sense of the complexities or dynamics of racism', and proposes the definition be 'an individual's conscious and unconscious acceptance of a racial hierarchy in which whites are consistently ranked above '. This definition is notable in that it does not take a 'colorblind' approach to racism, and articulates an uneven power dynamic between white and non-white people. Internalized racist attitudes in individuals present barriers towards achievement of racial equality, as somebody with internalized racism may believe that they are inferior to people of other ethnic groups and that equality is therefore not a logical goal; according to Suzanne Lipsky, 'It (internalized racism) has proved to be the fatal stumbling block of every promising and potentially powerful black liberation effort that has failed in the past'.

In an article called Colorism: A Darker Shade of Pale, Taunya Lovell Banks discusses and how it has been internalized by the Black community, leading to a racist hierarchy that privileges lighter skinned black people over darker skinned black people within their own communities. The ' ' cultural movement fights the internalized racism experienced by African Americans specifically with regard to beauty standards.

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