why do white men like latin women

Headstrong because as anyone who s ever watched a Pedro AlmodГvar movie knows, Spanish woman are not to be trifled with; and fiery because anyone who does trifle with a Spanish woman will, at some stage in the evening, have to use all his dexterity and alertness to duck out of the way of an airborne plate. These traits make an attractive cookie-cutter from which the archetypal Latin girl is cut. But there s another attribute: mystique. The Latin lady is, to us simple northern European types, something of a mystery. OK, perhaps not as mysterious as an Inuit woman would be, but intriguing nonetheless. The dark, brooding, knowing eyes; the throaty accent, rendering each comment a confusion of compliment and underhanded jibe; and lastly, an apparent aloofness. If you ve ever tried to woo a Spanish girl over a glass of Rioja, as I have, you can vouch for the fact that it s a bit like conversing with a big cat.

A Latin woman can give you all the attention in the world one second, and take it away the next. At 10. 05 a tickle-tummy session looks on the cards, at 10. 06 she s playing with the curtain pull. It s a little bit confusing to say the least, a bit like doing a crossword through a telescope. But that s the appeal. Mediterranean women, as a whole, are a challenge. They can turn confident chaps with biceps the size of cantaloupes into lip-quivering lisping nincompoops quicker than you can say patatas bravas. In my experience, Latin ladies have quite a lot in common with their football counterparts (pre-Brazil 2014, it s worth noting). They re confident, cool under pressure and once on top, they know how to stay there.

Plus they move with a grace that makes their English counterparts look rather plodding and dull (Brazil 2014 included). A lesser feminist than myself might at this point wax lyrical about the Latin lady's stereotypical posterior resembling a cross between a beach ball and a silk scarf, or might observe that Spanish girls were twerking long before Miley Cyrus was out of diapers. That's not for me to say, but I'll admit that there's a unique thrill that comes with dancing with a Spanish girl. There is a caveat to all the above, of course. Any female can have any of the above attributes, regardless of nationality. And like any survey, it's best to take this one with a pinch of paprika. Fifty-thousand people is an admirable test sample, for sure, but the statistics that reveal European women s favoured partners do suggest a clerical error.

Women in both France and Belgium apparently chose English men as their ideal non-native lover Hmm. A coach trip to Bognor Regis this summer would surely put them straight.
Well, I am not a man, but here is my 2 cents: You are a very beautiful lady. You just happen to not have met the right man, who will love you and want to share the rest of his life next to you. I hope that time will come, don t settle for less. Let s say races: б It is hard work б to make a marriage work. So my guess is that many men, try to marry someone withing their races because they feel secure about going into a big commitment with someone that is one of their own, that they can trust and is coming from a nice family. Sad but true, some men, marry some women to fit in to certain social group/financial status.

Some men, summarize you, they get to know you and they know what you can bring into their lives. One particular race that is less likely to marry someone else is the Jewish race, they love Spanish women, but rarely, they will marry them, because of the family traditions. From childhood, they are taught that the good girls to marry are their own. When your start to date someone, almost right away you know if that relationship is going to turn into marriage or not, the signs are there, is just that us women, sometimes are soooo in love/crazy over that man, that we don t want to see the truth. Finally, many men, are extremely intimidated by the beauty and sexuality of women. They feel that they will not be able to handle us in the long term.

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