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why do white men like dark skinned black women

Swirling is a viable option, aside from Black love, for women to get married and build a family in their prime
This couple got married btw. Sure the title of the video is misleading look closely and nowhere does the footage state that Caucasian men don t find light-skin women attractive, they absolutely do; yet surprisingly many like dark-skin women in equal measure. Some may say it s unnecessary to point out skin color, yes you re right, we see black women as one on this blog Dark-skin women happen to be most maligned in the Black community, or are we wrong?

Perhaps this video illustrates a short summary of a bigger tale, that on the whole, the average Caucasian man sees beyond colorism when he s into Black women? Food for thought. AnywhoБ When it comes to mating in 2015, there is nothing wrong with keeping your options open ladies. And there is no amount of hate, nor opinions that will prevent the options from going away. Let s leave you with a statement from Angela Stanley s recent New York Times article, she is a researcher at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University: She says: What has happened, is that black women have been silenced.

When we are vocal about men, we are the problem. The marriage debate highlights the need for black women to tell our own stories; it calls for an honest and holistic conversation that includes black men and it requires a critical analysis of structural inequities and mass incarceration.

Is this video stupid? б Read more swirl posts Why not share this on Twitter and Facebook with your friends and family White men or any other nationality of men are that attracted to black women. Most black women generally do not date or marry outside of their race. I Believe men of different races can not tolerate our confindence, our strength and strong personalities. As a black woman i could not stomach a white man's pink skin or his smelly body personally i find white men unattractive and not manly enough.

A white could be the last man on earth and i would not let one touch me with a ten foot pole. Most are child molesters, serial killers and just psycotic, so any black woman that wants a relationship with one GOD be with her. Most committ adultry or kill their wives if they will not give them a divorve. Please don't take out a insurance policy because you are sure to sign your life away, so please my black sistere stay with your own strong black man.

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