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why do white men hate interracial dating

I really dont understand what the big deal is. im white and i usually date black guys and from my experience, i've seen some hate coming from both white and black people. white people (mostly guys! most girls really couldnt care less) make a huge deal about it and i've actually had a guy calling me stupid and confused for choosing a black guy over a white one. and i've also had white guys asking me if the only reason i date black guys is for good sex? as if they have nothing better to contribute!! (plus the stereotype about black men being bigger is false. it is true sometimes, but not ALWAYS. that is NOT why some girls choose to date black guys, we have better reasons then that) and some white guys basically just lost respect for me after finding out i like black guys. its so ridiculous. and some black people make a big deal out of it too. i ones had a boyfriend who's mom was like "its not that i have something against your girlfriend, but WHY do you always go for white girls? " WHAT is wrong with that? and i've had black girls hating on me for being with a black guy and saying things like "she just wants that dick" behind my back. and i think the most ridiculous thing i've seen/heard is people bashing black rappers for being with a white female, saying that they are "Selling out" and call this girl a hoe and this and that, and that a black woman is a thousand times better and blah blah blah, but then if you look at his past relationships, the black females he was with, you'll see that there's nothing that makes her better then the current girl he's with. why all this hatred?
Are you african american lol?

Once I heard white supremacy and coon, you must be african american you do realize you are in a Black British forum, Im even african american and I feel everybody should date who they want and that includes Black people.

If black people in interracial marriages don't want to discuss white supremacy thats their business, even though I do feel that should be discussed but yeah it their business. Plus its funny you are preaching this but do you realize the hate Black women, especially dark skinned black women in America get from african american men and are abandoned for other women and your re preaching to them to go after those same men, lol.

This is 2016, IR with blacks is here to stay and is not going any where. I understand where you are coming from but maybe you should tell that to your kids that. All this slavery propaganda stories to stop going with people who they love is getting old and tired. Like I said I agree with you on the fact that Black receive racism from other non-blacks but that doesn't mean all non-blacks are bad and that if a black man or women finds love genuinely with a non-black person they should not pursue that love.

Especially the way Black men are disrespecting their women in America and you want them to suffer, and add the fact that these women have to wait for them and fight with other women in other communities for their men attention oh please. Like I said this views you have is good for you but this is a Black british forum and what you are saying will fall on deaf ears for most of them, that boat shipped long time ago with Black british people. Right now 50% of black British caribbean men are married to white women and 35% of black british caribbean women are married to white men, and you can not say that all those relationships are not based on LOVE.

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