why do you want to study nursing course

Choosing a degree which will occupy 3 years of your life is a big decision, and one which requires a bit of thought before you commit. For anyone who is toying with the idea of being a nurse but is not totally sold just yet, we have created this short list of reasons for studying nursing at university. P
1. Helping others Nursing is a noble and altruistic profession, concerned primarily with the aiding of others who can not fend for themselves. However it is not just a one way deal; Nursing will benefit the carer nearly as much as it will benefit the cared-for, with the potential for meeting countless new and interesting people every day. If you have an interest in genuinely improving someone's well-being, making someone who is sick as comfortable as possible or even delivering a new life into the world, a Nursing course is an obvious next step in your career. 2.

Nurses are well respected Nursing is a noble profession so it follows that those who pursue it are well respected and valued members of society. Have you ever heard anyone say "I don't like nurses"? Thought not. People like people who help people. 3. Nursing students have great Graduate ProspectsP As with many medical degrees, Nursing boasts a very high, offering encouragement to students that employment is probable come graduation day. The concept of nursing has been around for centuries in one form or another, and it is clear that humans are not going to stop getting sick any time soon.

The profession is therefore relatively in demand, rendering a degree in it indispensable and enduring. PP 4. Nursing is exciting As careers go, Nursing is reasonably high-octane, and so a typical day at the office could be an adrenaline filled, challenging and vibrant affair. You are not confined to the UK either. Nursing is a profession required by all, and so foreign missions are common-place. Extrapolating your skills to numerous different settings is sure to provide requisite excitement for potential nurses. P 5. Diversity Nursing is one term for any number of jobs. A Nursing degree can be in Midwifery, Palliative care, School nursing, children's nursing, Adult nursing and many other areas.

Your degree can therefore be tailored in order to make it more relevant to your interests, and switching fields is reasonably simple. P 6. Nurses can work anywhere Become a registered nurse and your skills will be in demand throughout the country. You may even want to take your work abroad, and with the right qualifications you can. 7. Applicable skills Nursing will offer you training in complex medical care, of which some are not dependent on any tangible equipment. By studying Nursing, your potential ability to save a life can be extrapolated to everyday scenarios, making you an asset to your family and society as a whole. Nursing is a calling to serve humankind and to make a difference in the world. Most people start nursing because they care about other people and because they like helping people.

It is however important to understand that nursing is not always an easy task, but it is very rewarding and enjoyable. It feels great when you can reach out and touch someone in need and help someone regain their health. It feels fantastic to be able to bring a new baby into the world and to make use of all the latest technology. It also feels wonderful to care for the young and old and make the dying person more comfortable. Nurses are important in communities too. They are often looked upon as the educated and are therefore asked to take the lead in community projects and initiatives. Nurses can and do make a difference in the world.

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