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why do white guys not like black girls

I think an 'average' white girl is more attractive than an 'average' black girl. Don't waste your time posting pictures of attractive black girls, I know there are loads of attractive black girls, but when you're dealing with an entire race, you have to deal with averages, and, personally, I'm a white man and I find white girls more attractive. Black girls also are/have a stereotype of being: loud, boisterous and assertive.

Obviously there are many cases in which this isn't true, but the few black girls I've got to know (there are very few black people in my area) they've been that way inclined. Personally, I don't find this attractive. EDIT: Neg me if you like, but disagreeing with my sexual preferences for white girls because you think it's racist is akin to disagreeing with a man's sexual preferences for other men because you think it's sexist.

It's absurd.
If you get easily offended or generally don t like standardization get out now. Well, why don t white guys like black girls? I ll give you some reasons, 1. Racism Let s get a sad, but true fact out of the way. Some people are racist and hate black people simple as that. 2. They re too manly I get this one a lot. It s not Black women are manly, it s that you re not man enough.

You say they are strong to independent, and act like men. No it s not that. White men can t handle a woman that s ready to assert her self over you. White man already have a hard time dating wimpy white chicks so Black girls are way out of your league, but Black girls aren t manly. You just can t handle what they are packing 3. They re ugly This is just dumb. I don t see how white say they love ass, when they date flat ass white women.

You say they re ugly because of the color of their skin? That s idiotic. You should try different things. You can never really grow until a You ve stepped out of a comfort zone. In summary don t come up with bull shit excuses to not try new things. The flat asses white race of women aren t the only people out there. Thanks, I ll see you next time.

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