why do you twitch when your high

yup ive had the same experience but only once. that's almost exactly how i felt, only it lasted me only about 12 minutes. my body was just out of control. all my muscles were going crazy and i couldnt stay in one place but i couldn't really walk or stand so i just moved around on the floor until it stopped. i was pretty scared at one point and thought i would have to call for medical attention. it was weed that had gotten me high perfectly normally before ealier that day and i smoked my usual amount. i smoked the same amount of the same weed first thing the next morning on a hunch that everything would go fine and it did/has ever since. i don't know why my body reacted like that.
Im not sure, but i dont tink im alone in the world of twitching or shakes!!!

Ive become notorious amongst my smoking mates as the twitch when were smoking.

Meself n 3 great fellas in college smoke alot, we smoke a nice bit of weed and herbal smoke but predominatly hash. But no matter what we smoke dere ll come a stage, usually after bout an hour n half of good smoking, i ll start!! it always starts in my legs, either a short sharp twitch or foot tappin, witout fail this ll happen me.

I dont mind it n it doesnt really bother me as it provides some comic relief from usually stressfull games of CUP. Just wondering does anyone else feel my plight!!!!

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