why does my throat hurt when i swallow and yawn

When it hurts to swallow, there is a high chance that the person may be suffering from a sore throat. In most cases, the common cause for pain and difficulty while swallowing food and liquid is due to sore throat. Sore throat is a common symptom of diseases ranging from common cold to an acute tonsillitis. Your throat becomes sore and painful as a result of inflammation and irritation of the inner lining of the throat. When a person suffers from sore throat, he experiences rawness and pain in his throat while swallowing. Along with the sore throat, the neck lymph nodes might enlarge. Normally, throat infection is either due to bacteria or virus. Sore throat in medical parlance is also referred as Pharyngitis. The pharynx is inflamed and irritated. Environmental pollution, cigarette smoking, speaking loudly or yelling, allergies to food, dry air are some of the causes of sore throat.

There are many other causes of sore throat and pain felt when swallowing, so it s very important for a doctor to know all other symptoms that the patient might be feeling before a proper diagnosis can be done. When people feel pain while swallowing and yawning, it s important to get proper rest as well as determine the root cause of the problem. Often, the cause of this condition is colds. Sometimes, allergies may also cause this. When
it hurts to swallow and talk, laryngitis might be the problem especially when it is accompanied with hoarseness of the voice. It Hurts to Swallow, What Should I Do? When the patient with throat pain does not have any other symptoms that may indicate allergies, colds, sinusitis or laryngitis. It is best to let the person take rest to get relief from pain. Here are some home remedies and tips to treat a painful throat: Drink plenty of water, especially when you are suffering from an infection such as common cold and tonsillitis.

Gargle with warm water mixed with salt. The salt should be just enough to relieve the pain. Too much salt may end up worsening the condition. Hard candies are also recommended to provide temporary relief from the pain. Avoid using lozenges and hard candies for children as these are choking hazards. A humidifier may help relieve symptoms, especially when the pain is caused by dry air and breathing through the mouth. In case the cause is streptococcal infection, immediate medical intervention is necessary. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines. Complete the course of the prescribed medication. Use apple cider vinegar for gargling. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in treating bacterial sore throat due to it s natural bactericidal activity.

Eat fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps the body combat against bacteria and virus. Inside your body, you find smooth muscle. These you can't control voluntary and are not able to strech out got loosen up the cramp. I was told I had a lump in my throat, and my GP concluded that there was an lump of anxiety because of certain things happening the previous year. I've now realized that a lump of anxiety isn't that painful, far, far to late. The problem is, at the lump developed. It was constant and so painful that I didn't manage being at work anylonger. By a half year later it had developed so far, I was sure I had something stuck in my throat. I was thoroughly examinated. They didn't find anything wrong. I couldn't believe it. My GP got another reason for calling it a lump of anxiety.

First - after looking up on the Internet - I began to get some answers. I found some texts just before visiting a private neurologist (cost me 200е! ), told her my symptoms. Let her conduct her examination. She gave me a muscle-relaxing medication. In two days my life changed from a hell to almost normal. I could start live again. * take magnesium. The muscle needs it for relaxation. When they've gone into constant cramp. It's too late. * trust your symptoms. Don't let the GP tell you have anxiety because you have physical symptoms. Anxiety is something you feel and think. Cramp is pain. (They ought to learn the difference). * Don't be fooled to think it's anxiety because the lump goes away because the Emergency (ER) gives you valium for calming you down. Valium, as well, is a muscle relaxing medication for smooth muscles.

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