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why do you think you should be awarded this scholarship

Have you ever applied to aВscholarshipВand were absolutely sure you would win? Let me give you some advice; donвt count your chickens before they hatch! Sure, when I first started applying for scholarships, I was a bit cocky and secretly thought people would start throwing money my way because of my grades and obvious talent, but thatвs not quite how it panned out. In fact, I applied to 25 scholarships before I ever won my first award. What was I doing wrong? As it turns out, nothing; you just have to understand that many scholarship programs are subjective, especially those that include anВessay. Depending on who is reading your submission, it may sail through to the finals or end up in the rejection pile. For example, I've submitted the same creative writing story to five contests. I received first place once, third place twice, and did not place at all in two contests. Go figure. But what I learned was thatВscholarshipsВare an odds game; the more you apply, the better your chances of winning. I also reminded myself that I'm deserving of winning a scholarship, no matter the outcome because. 1. Iвm persistent
This truly is a quality you need to have to be successful at winning scholarships. If you apply to just a handful and give up, you're basically saying you're not worthy of winning. I refuse to believe that and my persistence has paid off. 2. Iвm unique Thankfully, there is only one of me. This means the chances of someone entering the exact same scholarship application as mine is highly unlikely.

It's up to me to find a way to highlight the special qualities I possess, so others see them, too. 3. I can overcome obstacles Please tell me I canвt do something because I'll try even harder to prove you wrong! Like many other students I know, I've traveled a bumpy road to get to where I am today, but those obstacles gave me strength and helped me appreciate the truly important things in life. Carry your scars like badges of honor. If you possess these qualities as well, you must do one more thing in order to win a scholarship в apply! You canвt win if you donвt apply, and although you'll probably lose more contests than you win, just opening one "congratulations" letter is so worth the effort andВ reward. If you believe you are truly deserving of a scholarship, hereвs one you should not pass up в theВ. Simply submit 10 reasons why you should receive $1,500 for college and you could be the lucky winner. I believe in you, so now itвs time for you to believe in yourself. Just be sure to submit your essay before December 31, or like this year, this scholarship will be gone. Looking for more scholarships? We have over 3 million in ourВ , but if you need more help paying for college, check out ourВ. I think one of the main reasons why questions like this are included in scholarship or fellowship applications are to distinguish exceptional candidates from each other. In most programs, a lot of applicants will be quickly eliminated by the selection committee on the basis of various criteria: because they didn't complete the application form correctly, because their previous experience doesn't suggest they'll benefit from this program, because they have access to other funding sources, because they aren't outstanding academically or socially, because they didn't interview well, or any number of other criteria.

However, once that filtering process has ended, the selection committee has a list of exceptional, driven applicants who would clearly benefit from the funding -- but may not have enough funding to support all of them. That's when they start comparing those applications in detail, and that's where an applicant who can demonstrate why they'd be even a slightly better candidate than the others has a better chance of getting funded. This question is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what makes you unique when compared to other exceptional candidates. In line with this, you don't need to say, "I would benefit from this funding because I have an exceptional academic history and I would be unable to take this opportunity otherwise", because the rest of your application already proves this. Instead, think about the committee comparing you with the best candidate that you can imagine: someone just as smart as you, just as accomplished as you, and someone who would benefit from this funding as much as you. What could you tell the selection committee that would convince them to pick you instead of this other candidate?

Are you (individually) particularly suited for this opportunity? Maybe you have previous experience with distributed systems that you can apply to this Masters degree? Is this opportunity particularly suited for you? Maybe there's a professor at VU you'd really benefit from working with, or maybe their program focusing on some aspect of distributed systems that are really important to you. How will selecting you benefit your hosts? What is something interesting you could bring to VU that other applicants can't? How will selecting you benefit your sponsors? Find out exactly what the scholarship's goal is: is it to give students access to opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them? Is it to transfer some skills to your country or community by educating you in those skills? One of the people at my university pointed out that one of the biggest benefits they get from international students is that their local students -- who might not otherwise be able to afford international travel or the chance to work closely with people from other cultures -- could now do exactly that without traveling anywhere! Whatever the sponsoring organization is doing, figure out how sponsoring you will help them advance their goals. As with all application questions, do not lie or exaggerate, or try to anticipate what the selection committee wants to hear: figure out what's unique about you, and figure out the best way to explain this to them. All the best!

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why do you think you should be awarded a scholarship
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why do you deserve a scholarship essay
why do you believe you should be awarded this scholarship