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why do you think you are the best candidate

"This is your chance to highlight what you can offer the company if you were given this position. They need to know that you will add value to the team and to the company. It is important to highlight the unique qualities that make you stand above other candidates. Highlight your top skills that relate to being a Customer Experience Specialist; explain the skills and how they make you great at what you do. For example, you can say БI believe that I am the best candidate for this position because of my extensive customer service experience.

I am able to easily adapt to any situation and am extremely goal driven. I push myself to achieve my goals on a daily basis. I also have a natural ease when it comes to speaking to people, whether it be my coworkers or customers. I think this is an especially important attribute when it comes to being a Customer Experience Specialist.

I know my skills along with my experience and track record will allow me to be successful with XYZ company. Б
" My qualities being passionate about serving self driven, emotionally mature, effective communicator and being a strong team player coupled with my diverse experience, positions me well to serve as a positive cotributor to a the business/company/ organizations which besides the human interactions benefits also considers the financial results.

Being a team player features strongly. Serving the community is one of my passions I continually strive to grow whilst supporting and motivating others to grow and perform-which is a passion. My aim is to form part of a team, serving people and participating in society and communtiies whilst being financially independant and up held dignity

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