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The length of your wedding dress train is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then, brides trains were a sign of her position in society. The longer the train, the more prominence she held with the ruling family. That s why Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge sported a much longer train. Wedding dress trains are the portion of the gown s skirt that extends behind the dress, trailing along the ground behind the wearer. The train is not a necessary part of your dress. The formality of your wedding should influence your decision to have a train more than any other factor. Typically, a gown s train length varies, based on how formal your wedding is, and may also vary based on the silhouette of the dress. Typically, wedding dresses with long trains are categorized as being formal wedding dresses, whereas wedding dresses with short trains, or no train at all, are categorized as informal wedding dresses. An important attribute of a wedding dress is the train or not, depending upon the bride s personal preference. It is only one more fancy formal fashion detail you can choose to wear or not. The train helps to further differentiate your wedding gown from the bridesmaids dresses. Trains make a dramatic accent to your dress, especially when you can take portraits with it swirled around you on the floor.

Most brides donБt know that there are actually many kinds of trains. Here is an example of four. There are many more. Throughout much of the twentieth century, many brides chose to forego the bridal train, choosing gowns that reflected current fashion trends. Today, however, brides are free to wear whatever dress suits them on their special day. Part of the Maid or Matron of Honor s responsibility is to bustle the Bride s train before the reception. A bustle is the best method for this, because it leaves the bride s hands free for greeting people and dancing at the reception. Bustling a dress originated the 1800 s, when ladies wore heavy gowns that needed to be supported off the floor. The bustle is held up by a series of hooks and eyes that are discreetly hidden in the folds of the material. Bridal train sets world record in Romania. A Bucharest fashion house has set a Guinness World Record for the longest bridal train in history, beating the previous record held by a Dutch designer. It took ten seamstresses 100 days to create the nearly two-mile-long ivory train, which billowed high above a main boulevard in Romania s capital on Tuesday as the bridal dress was displayed from a hot-air balloon. The creation was worn by 17-year-old model Ema Dumitrescu to promote this year s Wedding Fair in Bucharest.

In 2009, a Chinese bride famously got married in a 1. 4 mile-long wedding dress that took more than 200 guests over three hours to unroll. The previous record for the world s longest train stood at 2,488 metres. For more photos of the longest bridal train, click! BONUS Articles: Copyright б 2012 Larry James. This idea is adapted from Larry s romantic Wedding Website. Larry James is an award winning, non-denominational wedding officiant and performs the most Romantic wedding ceremony you will find anywhere! Every wedding ceremony is customized to your complete satisfaction. Call to check availability: 480-998-9411 or Cell: 480-205-3694. Pre-maritial relationship coaching is available and not required. You will find more than 470 pages of Wedding ideas, tips (
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But is a wedding dress with a train right for you and your wedding day? Thereвs a lot of etiquette embedded in that extra fabric, so our experts are here to break it down and help you choose whatвs right for you. What Is a Train? A train is an extra length of fabric that extends from the back of your wedding dress and trails behind you as you walk. It may be part of your skirt, could be a that connects to your waist, or could be a Watteau style, which attaches at the shoulders like a cape. What Are Common Train Styles, and Why Should You Choose Them? Sweep: Around six inches longer than the rest of the skirt, a sweep train is a subtle way to add an accent to a skirt. This style is a great choice for brides and looks fabulous on trumpet or mermaid-style gowns. Chapel: A chapel train is between 12 and 18 inches long and is the most common choice for brides. It adds just enough drama to an A-line gown without being too fussy. A chapel train looks beautiful in a ballroom! Cathedral: At 22 or more inches long, cathedral trains are totally formal and great for a at a dramatic venue.

They look beautiful on ball gowns and A-line dresses or as a Watteau train extending from a column gown. Royal or Monarch: The longest of the trains, this option extends a yard or more on the floor (and often requires the assistance of flower girls to get around! ). Youвll recognize a monarch train from the likes of (whose train clocked in at nine feet) and (who had a train that was a whopping 25 feet in length! ). How Do You Get Down the Aisle? Whether your train is long or short, or coordinator to help you fluff it (and adjust your veil, if youвre wearing one) before you head down the aisle. Pause before you reach the last row of seats, giving her time to straighten your skirt and make sure your train is perfectly laid out. Then start your walk toward the altar! Once youвre there, your maid of honor should step out of line to arrange your train before the officiant begins. See More: What Do You Do With It After the Ceremony? (and exit! ), all that extra fabric can be a lot to handle, which is where bustles come in. A shorter train or a simpler dress may have just a few buttons or ties to tuck up the extra fabric and make it the length of the rest of the skirt, while longer trains will have intricate bustles that get each layer properly folded and fluffed before the next is addressed.

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