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why is healthcare so expensive in the usa

BY The United States has, easily, the most expensive health-care system in the world, but that hasn't translated into better outcomes on a variety of fronts. In 2013, 17. 1 percent of the U. S. gross domestic product was spent on health care, which was 50 percent more than France, the No. 2 country, according to a 2015 analysis by the
Americans also spend more out of pocket on health care, the Commonwealth report said. That report estimated the average U. S. resident spent $1,074 in 2013 on out-of-pocket on health care, for things like copayments for doctor s office visits and prescription drugs and health insurance deductibles. "Only the Swiss spent more at $1,630, while France and the Netherlands spent less than one-fourth as much ($277 and $270, respectively)," the report said.

We pay so much because pharmaceutical drug lords must make billions in bonuses. We also pay too much because of all the unnecessary tests.

A few years ago I went to the podiatrist. I had a bad toenail that a pedicure wouldn t solve. Even though have minimal health care with a high deductible and pay through the nose since I m self employed, I told them I didn t have health insurance and paid a flat rate with my credit card. The doctor saw my feet and freaked out saying that I needed a bunch of tests. She spent 5 minutes telling me what horrible condition my feet were in and why I needed this battery of tests.

After she finished I said, I don t have any health insurance. P (I lied)P She said, Oh! and stormed out of the room and the assistant fixed my problem which has not returned. Since then I have had no problems with my feet and I use them every day. I believe because she thought my health insurance would pay for these tests, she prescribed them. That s why health insurance is so damn high!

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