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why do you think tariff reform failed

- people cast more votes than they were allowed to to get their candidate to win. they voted multiple times under fake names
- the tweed ring scandal: William M. Tweed wanted to build a courthouse and got 13 million dollars from tax that people paid, even though the courthouse only cost 3 million dollars. He pocketed the extra money. This is an example of grafting. - Politicians also accepted bribes to allow illegal activities, such as gambling. - Politicians got away with illegal stuff because they hired the police, which meant that the police wouldn't interfere. - big businesses paying money to a political party.

Immigrants have been exploited for their labor, however used as scapegoats for problems that arise in the country as of ways to reform the political, economic, and social institutions. Anti-immigrantionists feelings have risen in the country on these minority groups.

An example of such explicit racial discrimination is on Mexican and Latino immigrants who make up about a third of the country's immigrants. They are targeted and harassed by legal policing institutions, whereas the rest of the immigrant population of the English and Asians are not. Anti-immigrantionists arguments include damaging and harming impacts on immigrants on social services, educational systems, and labor force.

These anti-immigrant arguments have been from nativists or racists in that they ignore statistical analysis of populations and the contributions that immigrants' labor has brought to America, including the wealth and productivity of the country, the tax base and the welfare programs, and the educational system.

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