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why do we work 40 hours a week

How did it become so ubiquitous for the standard work schedule to be 40 hours a week? PHow old is this standard, and how exactly did it arise? Perhaps most importantly, should we
keep this standard of working 40 hours a week? Would we be more productive if we worked less? Morgan Housel answers this last question in the affirmative. This piece on the Collaborative Fund blog walks us through the history of the 40 hour work week and argues that we should abandon it.

Crucially, Housel thinks this applies to the new type of creative work that more and more workers engage in. For these workers, more time to reflect would increase the quality of their work. Workaholic New Yorkers bewareБlong hours can literally make you crazy, a new study claims.

Working more than 39 hours a week can wreak havoc on your mental health and cause other serious sicknesses, according to research People who average 40 or more hours of work a weekБcombined with other commitments such as caring for kidsБare more prone to suffer meltdowns, researchers said.

To stay healthy and productive, women should work no more than 34 hours per week, according to the researchers. The limit was higher for men, who researchers capped at 47 hours a week. WomenБwho are often slammed with tasks both at home and the workplaceБare more prone to stress, researchers said. БGiven the extra demands placed on women, itБs impossible for women to work long hours often expected by employers unless they compromise their health,Б lead researcher Huong Dinh told For the study, the Australian National University researchers compiled data from 8,000 employed Australian men and women aged 24 to 64.

The average American works 34. 4 hours a week,

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