why do you take baby aspirin during ivf

Baby aspirin: the secret pregnancy pill? Can baby aspirin help you get pregnant в and stay pregnant? Hot topic. Studies suggest it may benefit certain women, but not all. So hereвs the lowdown on how and why baby aspirin could help with fertility and pregnancy. First, the general rule. For most women, taking aspirin during conception and pregnancy is not advised. It may increase the risk of, affect your babyвs weight, delay the onset of labour and cause bleeding problems. But for a small group of women, including some fertility patients, a daily baby aspirin pill might be a good idea. Baby aspirin is a lower dose of an adult aspirin tablet. One pill typically contains 75 to 100 mg of aspirin (a standard pill is 300 mg). Aspirin has long been used as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug, soothing many a hangover and general aches and pains. But taking low-doseВaspirin can help various health conditions, from slashing the odds of a heart attack to minimising stroke. Like paracetamol, aspirin has qualities even doctors don t completely understand.

Given its existing notoriety, it was only a matter of time before researchers looked at its role in fertility and pregnancy. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) lists recommendations for the use of low-dose aspirin in itsВ. The guidance is mainly aimed at women who have a higher risk of developing pre-eclampsia. This is a placental disorder with potentially life-threatening consequences. Pre-eclampsia is more likely to occur if youвre over 40, have a BMI of 35 or more or are expecting twins. If you had high blood pressure before getting pregnant, or have another chronic health condition like severe diabetes, the risk is higher too. And if you had pre-eclampsia before, youвre more likely to get it again. So according to NICE, all pregnant women at risk of pre-eclampsia should be advised to take a baby-aspirin pill (75 mg in the UK) from 12 weeks of pregnancy until at least 36 weeks. Itвs thought baby aspirin could have a beneficial effect on platelet activity. That advice is backed up by, which suggests high-risk mums should be routinely prescribed it during pregnancy to reduce the pre-eclampsia risk.

If you ve got specific blood disorders, thereвs more evidence baby aspirin could help. Women with Hughes syndrome (also known as antiphospholipid syndrome) are regularly given blood thinners like baby aspirin and
to reduce the risk of miscarriage. So could baby aspirin help with fertility? Studies are inconclusive. But there s a growing pro-aspirin approach by clinics towards some patients with a history of miscarriage, recent pregnancy loss or implantation failure. Typically, baby aspirin will be taken when a patient begins her stimulating medication. But starting on transfer day is not uncommon. Other doctors are rather sniffy about baby aspirin. They think Clexane (i. e. Heparin) is the only blood thinner that really makes a difference to patients needing anti-coagulants. To them, baby aspirin is small-fry. That said, baby aspirin for donor-egg patients may just be worth it. В concluded that had a higher risk of developing pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.

A daily low-dose aspirin pill was recommended to reduce those odds. If you have any questions about baby aspirin and your fertility, speak to your doctor or clinic. And remember, unless youвve specifically been advised to take aspirin, itвs best to err on the side of caution and not self-prescribe it. It s widely and cheaply available over the counter. My doctor told me to take aspirin 81 mg daily also. My fertility specialist was ok with that also. after having the HSG done then used an OPK. Got to BFN 6/4 with EPT then had a endometrial biopsy. They told me I would miscarry if pregnant. Well I spotted lightly for two day then it stopped. No AF. Used a Answer test and got a BFP this past Monday. My first beta was yesterday is was 748. The ladies at my fertility office said they have only seen that happen once before 6 years ago. I told my husband that God must have meant for it to be. We have lost two pregnancies since November last year. I am really praying this LO sticks.

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