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Try to find out some other things about the company to mention so you're not just mentioning the salary. The salary/benefits might be the deciding factor, but I'm sure there's something else you can find to praise about the company. Company Reputation You already mentioned that they're one of the best companies to work for in the country, so mention that if the question comes up. A little bit of honest flattery can't hurt, such as
"I've heard you're one of the best companies to work for in the country, and I've love to be part of your team". You don't need to mention salary/benefits specifically. Company Product Is the product something that interests you? Is it something you can praise or get enthusiastic about? There are plenty of broad categories a product could fall into that would overlap your interests. For example, I think the [education healthcare financial etc] system in the country needs work, and I'm excited to be a part of improving it Work What's the actual work like? Surely there's something there which you can get excited over. You said you would be working with a different technology, so you can mention things like I'm very interested in technology X, and would love to have an opportunity to work with it Salary/Benefits I actually don't think it's bad to include this if it's something that has been mentioned already, although it may raise a red flag if it's the only thing you can think of.

Most companies know if they're being generous in their salary and benefits, and often like being appreciated for them. I usually try to make light of the issue, such as "Of course, your generous salary and benefits package is also very attractive". But to summarize, just try to show some enthusiasm about the prospect of being employed by them. It indicates that you want to work specifically for them (who doesn't like to feel wanted :)), and there's a high chance you'll actually work hard for them and won't be just someone that shows up to collect a paycheck. As for why the question about why you left your old company, it's OK to mention salary/benefits here, but try to find some other things to include. For example, how are your hours? Commute time? Pay or bad benefits? Potential to grow your salary career skill set etc? Legacy technology? You don't want to speak bad your prior company, but there are usually plenty of things you can mention objectively to point out that your company's business model or best interests no longer aligned with your own.

And of course, be sure you pick points that don't exist in the company you're applying for (for example, don't mention commute time if the company has a similar or longer commute time! ) When Im asked Why do you want to work here? the truth is because I am unemployed and I really need money, Ill take almost any job at this point. How do I answer that with out it sounding like Im putting the job down or desperate? I am desperate, but Im not putting the job down, its just not the sort of job I see myself working for for more than a year or two. First, be careful not to get two very separate questions confused. There are lots of reasons why people want to work, and you dont need to answer to why you want to work. The key here is in finding the right way to explain why you want this job. Obviously you want it, or you wouldnt have applied and shown up to the! Examine why you want the job, then decide what about that reason will make you a great employee thats what this question is really about. The employer wants to know whats motivating you what about the job will get you out of bed and into work each day. [Your reason] I need the money [Translation] I want to [ insert goal here ].

Chances are you dont want all that cash to just bring it home and count it, so talk about (support my family, provide a stable income, put myself through school, etc. ). That tells an employer youre going to be a motivated, stable employee. Sure, you might move on if a bigger paycheck beckons at some point, but thats pretty much to be expected most people have an ideal dollar figure in mind that would prompt them to change jobs. If you stick around for a year or two doing your best work, many employers will be glad to send you on your way with a smile and a reference. [Your reason] I hate my job [Translation] I want to explore other opportunities. Its safe to assume that employers know youre not totally pleased. If you were completely happy with your current job, you wouldnt be interviewing for this one. But whatever you do, dont bash your job or your boss its quite easy for the employer considering you now to imagine youll be saying the same things about them someday.

Be gracious, grateful and professional when you talk about the opportunities and learning experiences of your last job. [Your reason] Im bored [Translation] I want to improve my skills. Chances are you are bored because youre not being challenged. Maybe its that youve been doing the same thing for a long time or youve mastered the tasks required in your current job. Dont come off as cocky about how awesome you are, but instead be genuinely sincere about your desire to move on and learn new things while being grateful for what your last job taught you (even if all you learned was patience with repetitive tasks). [Your reason] Im looking for my first job [Translation] Im eager to gain experience and learn how to be a great employee! Note the exclamation mark enthusiasm, eagerness and energy are a first-time job hunters best friend, and help to make up for the experience you lack. While your situation may be slightly different than the examples, hopefully you can see how to apply them to your own reasons for wanting the. Need advice? Ask away, were here to help!

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