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why do we wear costumes on halloween wikipedia

- В В В The apple lollipop is a because it is the apple harvest season. It is known as
Apple Outside of. Apple lollipop or apple candy becomes a of the Halloween treat, which is roll apples on the and sometimes the s are added. - В В В A A raisin cake is, which is filled with s, s or other things before baking. And if anyone eats and finds the ring they will find true love in the next year. This is similar to the " " tradition at. - В В - В В В - В В В - В В В - В В В - В В В - В В В , pumpkin, pumpkin - В В В Roasted pumpkin - В В В Roasted - В В В Novelty shaped like, pumpkins, s, worms, etc. - В В В Soul Cake is a small round which is made from square bread and s.

However, traditionally, Halloween is the day of the Lord's Supper. You should not drink alcohol or extravagance. There may be a Soul Cake, which is a traditional pastry, or the food without meat. And when you get the cake, you should pray for the deceased in return. The origins of fancy dress parties in the United Kingdom can in some respects be traced to of the 18th century period. In the period to 1850, fancy dress balls were a typical part of the social life of. Common costumes of the period were specific historical characters, generic historical or regional clothing, abstract concepts (such as "winter", "starlight" or "night"), and objects (such as "champagne bottle" or "aquarium").

Popular characters included, for women, and, and for men, and. Notable amongst early events in the 20th century was the ball. Such events were often elaborate affairs and for the most part confined to those with considerable means. [ Amongst the general population, costume parties also occurred with increasing frequency from the late 1940s onward, although for the most part the costumes were simple affairs until the mid-1970s. Prior to 'cheap' costume imports from the Far East / (late 1990s), [ most costumes were either hired, or home constructed.

Retail purchased costumes are, in respect of the U. K. , a largely modern phenomenon (late 1990s onward) although 'accessory' items had been available for some time. [ Since the increased import rate in late 1990's onwards saw the many materials / products being imported from the Far East (with cost savings in labour and bulk orders). This has seen the price of purchased costumes becoming more and more affordable. Coupled with the modern trend in costume parties, 'retro' fashion as a costume theme (such as a 1970s or 1980s fancy dress) is also popular, the costumes to some extent parodying or pastiching the fashions of earlier decades.

Amongst the most popular parodied costumes are: (as ), in her classic stage outfits, and more recently. Fancy dress parties are popular year round in the United Kingdom. The 1996 novel features the classic British costume party theme "Tarts and Vicars" at which the women wear sexually provocative ("tart") costumes, while the men dress as (" "). Fancy dress parties have been held by the. , heir to the British Throne, celebrated his 21st birthday with an "Out of Africa" theme, chose an 1888 themed party for her 18th birthday, and and his sister, minor royalty celebrated a joint birthday party with a pre- courtly theme.

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