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The Army selection process is designed to test your suitability to life within the Army. It can be a difficult process if you donБt prepare and can be a nerve-wrecking one too. But the rewards of a career with the British Army are exceptional. A good salary, the chance to travel and also work as part of one of the most professional and respected organisations in the world make it all worthwhile. Whether you decide to pursue a career in IT/Communications, Healthcare, Logistics, Combat or Engineering, you can be certain that your career in the British Army will be rewarding and immensely satisfying. STEP 1 б Make contact with the Armed Forces Careers Officer (AFCO). Submit your application for joining the Army as a soldier. (Note: you are not committed at this point)
STEP 2 б BARB test and AFCO Interview. STEP 3 б Attend the Army Development Selection Centre (ADSC). STEP 4 б Medical and further checks.

STEP 5 б Offer of employment and Initial Training. If you want to know how to pass the selection process for joining the Army then we will provide you with a powerful 200-page manual and interview DVD. They are both packed with essential tips on how to complete a successful application, how to pass the Army BARB test, how to answer the Army interview questions and also how to approach the ADSC. One of the most important things to consider when applying to join the Army is that you need to gain as high a score as possible on the British Army Recruit Battery Test, more commonly known as the BARB test. The higher you score; the more Army job opportunities you will have at your disposal. Theб Army BARB test б is a computer screen selection test that assesses your ability to carry out tasks quickly and accurately. Although the test is usually conducted on a computer you should not have to use a keyboard, so if you are concerned about your computer skills then please donБt be.

The main purpose of the BARB test is to assess which jobs you are most suited to. Therefore it is important that you obtain high scores. Basically, the higher your scores the more career options you will have. Thinking about joining? Here are 10 reasons why the Military could make a good career. 1. Armed Forces are always in demand but there is predicted to be a shortfall in 2011Бso if youБre unemployed what are you waiting for? 2. It pays! You donБt have to be a genius to know that service members donБt earn whopping great salariesБbut there are many other benefits like food, accommodation, and free health and dental care. The pay works on systems of different Bands so a recruit would start on Band 1 and depending on the job, the salary can be anything between бе15,683Ббе28300 after training. 3. There are then many opportunities for promotion throughout the forces and with this promotion come more benefits.

Arguably the salaries start relatively low, however as personnel progress through the pay bands the rises become competitive. You get promoted and take on bigger roles over time. 4. There are lots of different opportunities in the military that you wouldnБt find ordinarily. You can work in military colleges, nuclear-subs, hospitals, aircraft, air-ambulances, combat zones, the police, naval ships, intelligence, the community and more. 5. The military can make a difference in peopleБs lives. Helping people lead better lives is satisfying and important. You could be deployed to Afghanistan to join a PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) in which you help local communities rebuild with logistical, economic, and cultural support. 6. The military interact with different people every day. 7. The fitness is free!

You will have compulsory fitness classes every week undergoing training in the gym and cross-country to maintain your healthy levels. In addition there are many sports organistations and teams you can join such as Football, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics. 8. If youБre a member of a sports team you can travel to locations in the UK competing with other teams for championships, and go one better and travel abroad to international competitions too. 9. Needless to say, the life is exciting. You never know whatБs going to happen, and have to stay on your toes, solve problems and make good decisions. Everyday is different on deployment. 10. Military personnel can change trades and/or receive further training for their chosen speciality. For example, if youБre interested in mechanics or field medicine, you can move into those areas when the opportunities arise. For more information visit.

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