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Following a big win in the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, or any other major sporting event, fans want to get their hands on championship merchandise as quickly as possible. To meet this demand and cash in on the wallet-loosening "WeБre #1" euphoria, manufacturers and retailers produce and stock two sets of T-shirts, hats and other merchandise that declare each team the champ. Apparel for the winning team quickly fills clothing racks and gets tossed to players on the field. But what happens to the losing team's clothing? The Philadelphia Eagles' historic first Super Bowl win on February 4 means that boxes of "winning" shirts emblazoned with the New England Patriots' logos are destined for charity. б
Good360, a charitable organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, handles excess consumer merchandise and distributes it to those in need overseas. The losing team's apparelБusually shirts, hats, and sweatshirtsБwill be held in inventory locations across the U. S. Following the game, Good360 will be informed exactly how much product is available and will then determine where the goods can best be of service.

Good360 chief marketing officer Shari Rudolph tells Mental Floss there's no exact count just yet. But in the past, the merchandise has been plentiful. Based on strong sales after the Chicago BearsБs 2007 NFC Championship win, for example, Sports Authority printed more than 15,000 shirts proclaiming a Bears Super Bowl victory well before the game even started. And then the Colts beat the Bears, 29-17. б Good360 took over the NFL's excess goods distribution in 2015. For almost two decades prior, an international humanitarian aid group called World Vision collected the unwanted items for MLB and NFL runners-up at its distribution center in Pittsburgh, then shipped them overseas to people living in disaster areas and impoverished nations. After losing Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, Arizona Cardinals gear was sent to children and families in El Salvador.

In 2010, after the New Orleans Saints defeated Indianapolis, the Colts gear printed up for Super Bowl XLIV was sent to earthquake-ravaged Haiti. In 2011, after Pittsburgh lost to the Green Bay Packers, the Steelers Super Bowl apparel went to Zambia, Armenia, Nicaragua, and Romania. Fans of the Super Bowl team that comes up short can take heart: At least the spoils of losing will go to a worthy cause. An earlier version of this story appeared in 2009. Additional reporting by Jake Rossen. All images courtesy of World Vision, unless otherwise noted. Do you have issues with garlic, onions or occasionally can t digest beef? You may have a sulphur metabolism issue. Does your body wreak like sulphur when you have eggs or do you get diarrhea after eating an omelette? Do you or your family members have a sulpha drug allergy? It s not a food allergy your are reaction you are reaction to, it s your genetics.

Well its your genetics and on top of that your body got fed up with pollution, toxins and preservatives. first noticed I has an issues with sulphur when I ate chilli for lunch, a steak for dinner and a fistful of barbecued roasted garlic and onions and my one year old, who I nursed later that night, wouldn t stop screaming for 4 hours. What did I do? What could be healthier than garlic and onions and I hadn t had steak for months! I have a sulphur metabolism issue, called a CBS mutation. It s not a bad thing really. Sulphur is necessary to properly detoxify many hormones that could potentially build up in my body and lead to chronic disease. But my problem is that I need sulphur but can t handle too much. I have a genetic bottle neck that requires enough special nutrients and a limited sulphur diet if I want optimum health. And I have young kids so I do want optimum health. This sulphur metabolism pathway is apart of a bigger pathway called the methylation cycle.

The methylation cycle happens in every cell in your body and basically when it s working well, allows you to express your best genes. We all have good genes and crappy jeans. What makes out body follow the instructions of the good genes is making sure the methylation pathway is working well. Sulphur metabolism is one small piece of the bigger methylation pathway. When this pathway is jammed up, we are more likely to developed allergies, our immune systems are more sensitive, we are sensitive to chemicals, and our hormones clog up within our bodies. You can genetically test if this is you, but if it is, you may need sulphur and Palso need to unclog the pathway. I have never felt more well in my life than when I addressed this pathway. I needed more glutathione (which contains sulphur) and I also needed molybdenum which breaks down sulphur. Genetics can be tested, but we will talk about that next time. Dr. Carissa, Natural Care Clinic

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