why do you eat lamb at easter

At Easter we eat roast lamb, according to tradition, but why? (Picture: Getty)
On Easter Sunday, tradition dictates that we all sit down together Б be it with family or friends Б and feast on lamb. The rest of Easter is apparently about munching chocolate, and on the evening ofб. Fish and chocolate eggs donБt gambol about in fields, making magical flowers blossom at their tread of their tiny hooves. So why are baby sheep top of the menu? б Is there a significance to the tradition of eating roast lamb on Easter Sunday? LetБs have a look. Roast lamb has been the traditional meal of Easter Sunday since before Christ was around, let alone crucified. Makes you feel old, doesnБt it! The roast lamb mealб has its roots in early Passover observances before the birth of Christianity.

When Egypt experienced terrible plagues and the deaths of firstborn sons, the Jews painted sacrificed lambБs blood on their doors so that God would Бpass overБ their homes while punishing sinners. Hence, Passover. Later, when certain Jews converted to Christianity, they carried over the tradition of eating lamb. Christians also refer to Jesus as the БLamb of GodБ (which a heavy metal band later used for their own name). б Jesus was a sacrificial lamb, after all. And seeing as Easter is all about letting Jesus die and eating of his body, which he literally told his disciples to do on Maundy Thursday, itБs no wonder lamb ends up on the table. Across history, lambs were also the most readily-available livestock after a long winter where a lot of animals were eaten.

Many of the lambs will have been orphaned by the roasts of winter. If you donБt eat meat, or just donБt like the idea of eating lamb, alternatives for the Easter Sunday meal include filo pie, quiche, vegetable gratin, risotto. MORE: MORE: Throughout the world lamb is the most popular symbol of Easter. Like the or British hot cross buns, these typical Easter foods originate from the Christian belief celebrating Jesus Resurrection. But have you ever asked yourself exactly why do wePeat lamb atPEaster? Why do we eat lamb at Easter? In order to answer this question we must take a step far back in time and understand PJewish history.

Pesach is the Jewish name for Passover, it celebrates the liberation of Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Easter is based on the Jewish Festival of Passover, it falls at a different time each year. P Passover is a Spring Festival, which begins in the Jewish month Nisan. Jewish months are governed by the phases of the moon and so the 14 PNisan (in the Christian calendar it is between March and April) is when the Passover Lamb is killed. In the Torah (Jewish Bible first 5 Bible books of Christianity) God tells Moses and Aaron that the Israelites will soon be freed and orders the Jews to leave Egypt but first a lamb had to be sacrificed, its blood splashed on the doorposts and lintels of their houses and then roasted and eaten.

Because of their obedience, the angel sent to destroy the firstborn of Egypt passed over their houses and thus they were spared. This became a night to remember, when Israel was delivered from slavery and started the journey to the Promised Land. The lamb became the symbol of this and was to be celebrated forever in memory of this great deliverance. Pesach originates from the verb pasoah and means passing. For Christians the lamb is representation of Jesus Christ sacrificing himself and dying on the cross. John the Baptist called Jesus lamb of God, with Jesus death representing a away the sins of the world. So now that we have explored the origins of this ancient ritual, let s take a look at you can try out over the Easter holidays.

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