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why do you want to help the community

You know that cliche high school you see in movies? That blissful school that involves itself in the community it's one that would be a welcomed change in the attitudes of our student bodies. Such an idea, is only that. Because still the solution alludes capture. Just when it seems to become tangible, gone is its rose-colored thought. So instead of altering the perspective of students, we need to shift it. From mandatory to voluntary. Now I believe that grading for service is a good first step. Being a gateway of sorts for not only integrating new viewpoints for students who had no idea how to volunteer or where, but to help continue the path through that gate for students who have found themselves left with an only whetted appetite.

I suggest first looking at this as a student might. Aside from the hours, the main benefit for an average student such as myself, is for the gratification of knowing I made a difference, The recognition for being more than a self-serving teenager of society. (Although one could argue that the motivation for recognition is indeed self-serving. ) How I suggest we do this, is by helping to create that atmosphere. Perhaps by creating not only a volunteer board, as we are doing, but a one where special individuals would be recognized.

Keep in mind this is only just an idea in its first stages, so maybe we could achieve this by nominating an individual or a number of students for having the most outstanding acts of volunteer work or amount, each month. We could even do this by a ranking system, because for some reason, competition is a great motivator. then distributing a prize or certificate to that month's winner(s). Yes, I acknowledge that getting something, such as a gift, may be countered as muting the point of volunteer work; but sometimes people need a little extra "umph" to kick them into a state of mind where they' be more than willing to disperse their "valuable" free-time out into the community.

Because let's face it, we can't all be apart of a high school that gleams as an exemplary example to their surrounding community. But we can sure give it one hell of a shot.
I seek to be a leader to make a difference. It's not about "building up social proof or validation," it's not about "me" at all. I seek to be a leader in my local community because someone helped me. I believe as we climb up the ladder we should never forget where we come from and help those behind us to go even further. I think many times, especially in certain communities, the youth coming up are put in a "career bubble" but they need to know there are more options out there.

It's also about empowering one's community. Get the local businesses up to speed in social media and boost their digital identity. It's all about bringing people together as well as educating others so the community can be self-sufficient and self-supporting. People need to make that sacrifice to give back. Knowledge is power. So don't keep all that to yourself or only for those who are willing to pay. Such work is not only satisfying to the soul and is necessary, but it truly does make a big difference and keeps you connected to the community. com/troy-sandidge

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