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QUICK TAKE: Comedy-Drama: An Air Force radio DJ previously stationed in Crete is assigned to Vietnam to entertain the soldiers, but his superiors aren't as wild about him as his listeners. PLOT: It's 1965 and Adrian Cronauer (ROBIN WILLIAMS), an Air Force radio DJ previously stationed in Crete, arrives in Vietnam to host a radio show, unconventional by the standards so far set by Captain Hauk (BRUNO KIRBY), a humorless man who sees himself as funny. Where programs before Cronauer's arrival have included selections from Lawrence Welk and the Benny Goodman Orchestra, to name a few, Cronauer programs quick-witted comedy and rock 'n roll music. He lampoons government officials, and points out some of the absurdities of the war, such as the uniforms worn by the soldiers. They love him for all that he brings when he's on the air at 4 a. m. , and 4 p. m.

But Adrian's exposure to Vietnam goes beyond Radio Saigon, as he becomes attracted to a Vietnamese woman (CHINTARA SUKAPATANA) and right then and there, decides to teach her English class, and become friends with her brother (TUNG THANH TRAN). All the while, the man in charge of overseeing Cronauer's antics, Sergeant Major Dickerson (J. T. WALSH), doesn't like Cronauer one bit and is hell-bent on removing him from his post for good. WILL KIDS WANT TO SEE IT? Fans of Robin Williams will definitely want to see it. WHY THE MPAA RATED IT: R No official reason is given, but it's likely for language, violence and sexually related material. To continue reading the rest of this review, including access to the Our Word to Parents objectionable content summary, as well as all of the specific listings in our 15 content categories (including profanity counts, specific details about the sexual content, violence and more), please LOG IN (ABOVE) or SIGN UP NOW:
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Otherwise, you can wait until next week to read the full review. Other new and recent reviews include: and By entering this site you acknowledge to having read and agreed to the above conditions. All Rights Reserved, 1996-2018 Screen It, Inc. This should serve as the definitive litmus test for your tolerance of Williams manic style. If you can t take him here, chance are you won t be able to take him anywhere. The story makes for a nice match with the comedian s motormouth sensibility. Williams plays Adrian Cronauer, an Air Force deejay who is transferred to Saigon in 1965.

He comes with a reputation as a rock n roll funnyman, but at this point the military has no use for rock or jokes. It s a classic anti-establishment setup, and as long as Good Morning, Vietnam stays on the level of a highbrow National Lampoon movie it works brilliantly. Williams astonishing, stream-of-consciousness wit finds a fitting home behind the microphone, where the jokes are spit out so fast you can barely keep up with them. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of serious stuff going on, from a squeezed-in romance to a random subplot involving Vietnamese terrorists. All of this may have legitimized Williams in the eyes of Hollywood he was nominated for his first Oscar but director Levinson can t quite interweave the comedy with the drama.

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