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I hate it when people say that cheerleading isn't a sport because it's absurd. Currently,
as a sport (which is outrageous) because of the lack of a competition element. While some squads do compete in competitions, not all squads do so they make a blanket ruling. USA Cheer is still working to further develop cheerleading across the country and get it the recognition it deserves. But I'll tell you something: most "competition" sports can't throw their teammates in the air and do half the stuff that cheerleaders do. You have to memorize cheers, moves and 8-counts like it's your day job. Once you learn them though, you'll find them hard to forget. I still remember every cheer from each squad I was on. I could still do our homecoming routines if I had to! While coordination is important, I am also the most uncoordinated person on two feet and managed to be an excellent cheerleader. We ran, were in the weight room and practiced more often than other sports. It's not a joke. Cheerleaders sustain the most injuries every year when it comes to female athletes. in 2012 that cheerleading "accounted for 65 percent of all direct catastrophic injuries to girl athletes at the high school level and 70. 8 percent at the college level" Another report from shows that serious injuries are more than double those that occur in non-cheer sports. I'm not trying to scare you, though! I've been injured a lot. I was a flyer and was constantly being dropped. I've had a handful of concussions, sprained my neck, sprained each ankle, tore my meniscus (had surgery), cracked a rib, bruised my lungs and more. But I kept going! Injury is a risk with every sport, but with cheerleading, you don't have pads or protection. You're throwing people in the air, tumbling and jumping around.

Injuries happen, but you have to take the proper safety precautions and take care of yourself if you do get injured. Some of my teammates never got a scratch! All squads and schools are different, but I found that at most schools, cheerleaders do a lot to support the team they're cheering for. We were paired up with a player every season so on game days we decorated their locker, made them snacks or just left notes of encouragement. Some of my players ended up becoming my best friends and even leaned on me when they were struggling or nervous about a game. It's a special bond! We also had to go to various events in support and took extra time out of the week to make banners for games. It's a big time commitment. But not every day. I don't understand why in shows the cheerleaders wear their uniforms every day to school. We only wore our uniforms on game days. At one of my schools, we weren't allowed to wear our uniform to school so we wore jeans with our cheer t-shirt. It varies, but your uniform is sacred and for game days only! Also, you should cherish your uniform. One of the times I was in the hospital, they wanted to cut it off me for an x-ray, but I flat out refused. I still have it! Hollywood will tell you that cheerleaders are bitchy, conniving and super popular. Maybe it's like that at some schools, but I've never seen it before in real life. I was friends with girls on my squads, but I had friends outside of cheerleading. We didn't all have lunch together and didn't rule the school. The concept of a cheer squad without a coach makes no sense to me because I don't know any place where that actually happened. It's highly illegal to cheer without a coach so the idea that cheerleaders can assemble like that is very confusing.

Also, as a former cheer captain, while you do get to make some decisions, ultimately your coach can overrule you. You're not a high and mighty queen if you're a cheer captain. You're just responsible for more things, call cheers and lead the team. You might wonder how cheerleaders don't lose their voices every five seconds. Well, we're trained to yell from our diaphragm instead of our throats. It's really important to learn this because it will save you a lot of trouble and pain. I never lost my voice during cheer season, and I was the loudest person on the squad. You have to yell from your belly, as we said, so that you don't strain your vocal chords. It's Fun! Cheering holds some of my most fun memories. Being on the sideline during a game, even when you're losing, is exhilarating. Being in front of the crowd and having them cheer along with you is awesome. Painting banners, throwing stunts, choreographing cheers and dances in the middle of the hallway is awesome! I didn't date a single guy that I cheered for. I'm sure there are schools where the cheer captain and football captain are dating, but it's not a built-in rule. There were actually very few girls on my squad who dated guys on the teams we cheered for. It's also important to remember that another athlete should never make you do anything because you're a cheerleader. You don't owe anyone anything, so keep that in mind. Dear Dish-It, IБm a guy and want to cheerlead but everyone talks me out of it. What should I do? Ap Dear Ap, Being a guy cheerleader is fun Б and itБs also a lot harder than most people think. I think itБs great that you want to become involved in such a tough sport. HereБs some information about male cheerleaders that will hopefully help you get past the haters so you can do what you love!

There is no denying that male cheerleaders get a bad rap. People say that is just for girls and Бreal menБ should play sports like, basketball or soccer. They feel that guy cheerleaders are weak, un-athletic and uncoordinated, and all they do is clap their hands, up and down and scream Бrah rah rahБ all day Б but all of that couldnБt be further from the truth. The fact is, unless youБve tried it or have paid close attention, youБd probably be surprised how much athletic ability is required to be a cheerleader. You need tons of, skill and coordination. Throwing a cheerleader (usually a girl) in the air is no easy task; neither is holding up multiple people at the bottom of a pyramid. If you thought catching a baseball was hard, try catching a cheerleader who is high up in the air doing flips and making sure you time it right so that she doesnБt fall! and doing flips and somersaults take agility, endurance and athleticism, too. So much for cheerleaders being un-athletic Б Because you are constantly moving and doing routines, cheerleading helps improve you stamina, coordination and strength. With flips and cartwheels, there is a lot of involved. Being more conditioned and coordinated will help you in other sports. Believe it or not, a lot of male cheerleaders also participate in other sports throughout the year. It also improves your teamwork skills and helps you learn to trust your. Cheerleading also improves your confidence because it makes you learn how to perform in front of a big crowd under pressure. Has this ever happened to you? Got any good advice for Ap? Leave your comment below!

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