why do we use the king james version bible

"I Like the KJV Best"P Although White lists this point of view as a subdivision of the KJVO group, this is disputed by some. This group simply regards the KJV as a very good translation and prefers it over other translations because the church they attend uses it, has always used it, or prefers its style. "The Textual Argument"P This group believes that the KJV's Hebrew and Greek textual base is more accurate than the alternative texts used by newer translations. Many in this group might accept a modern Bible version based on the same Greek and Hebrew manuscripts used for the KJV. White claims
was a member of this group. Hodges considered that the "corrects" the Received Text. " Only"/"Textus Receptus Only"P This group holds the position that the traditional Greek texts represented in the Textus Receptus are supernaturally (or providentially) preserved and that other Greek manuscripts not used in this compilation may be flawed.

The KJV is viewed as an exemplary English translation that is based on this Greek grouping of Bible manuscripts put together by, but it is also believed that other translations based on these texts have the potential to be of equal quality. The views of the fit into this TRO division. The Trinitarian Bible Society does not believe that the Authorized Version (KJV) is a perfect translation, only that it is the best available translation in the English language. The Society believes this text is superior to the texts used by the and other Bible publishers, which use texts that incorporate as their basis a relatively few manuscripts from the 4th century, and some going back to the early 2nd century. "The Inspired KJV Group"P This faction believes that the KJV itself was. They view the translation to be an English preservation of the very words of God and that they are as accurate as the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts found in its underlying texts.

Often this group excludes other English versions based on the same manuscripts, claiming that the KJV is the only English Bible sanctioned by God. They believe that this English translation should never be changed. "The KJV As New Revelation"P This group claims that the KJV is a "new revelation" or "advanced revelation" from God, and it should be the standard from which all other translations originate. Adherents to this belief may also believe that the original languages, Hebrew and Greek, can be corrected by the KJV. This view is often called "Ruckmanism" after, a staunch advocate of this view. However, some supporters of the KJVO movement reject Ruckman's position that the King James Version Bible is superior to existing Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, and criticize Ruckman because "his writings are so acerbic, offensive and mean-spirited that the entire movement has become identified with his kind of confrontational attitude".

These classifications are not mutually exclusive, nor are they a comprehensive summary describing those who prefer the KJV. , for instance, argues that the KJV (or, in his preferred terminology, the Authorized Version) is superior because of its manuscript tradition, its translational philosophy (with updates to the language being regularly necessary), and its ecclesiastical authority, having been created by the church and authorized for use in the church. Необходимость создания нового перевода Библии была связана с неустойчивой обстановкой в Англии, которая то и дело колебалась между католичеством и Реформацией. Престол занимали как сторонники протестантизма, так и поборники католицизма. В результате сложилась конкуренция между, изданной в Женеве в 1560 году шотландцами и англичанами-кальвинистами, и малопопулярной Епископской Библией, изданной англиканской церковью времен Елизаветы I. Вопрос о создании нового перевода Библии был поставлен перед королем группой во главе с преподобным.

Для его решения король Яков I созвал в январе так называемую Хэмптон-Кортскую конференцию, где был рассмотрен ряд ошибок в предшествующих переводах, в первую очередь в официально принятой, и было принято решение о создании нового перевода [. Переводом занимались 47 переводчиковP членов. Источником для перевода, как и для большинства других английских переводов того времени, послужил греческий. переводился с [. Руководителем перевода Нового Завета на английский был Томас Равис ( ) до своей смерти в 1609Pг. Ему помогал. Он был назначен на эту позицию в 1604Pгоду. В 2010 году вышел. Руководил переводом Перри Димопулос [, а в 2016 вышло второе издание, дополненное 5-ю книгами мудрости (Иова, Псалмы, Притчи, Екклесиаста, Песнь Соломона (Песни песней в синод. )

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