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why i want a wife judy brady essay

- Ackerman's Wife of Light: New Images for Womenббб ббб The unconscious mind of man, according to the psychologist Carl Jung, consists of layers. б Jung recognizes two basic layers in the unconscious mind: the personal unconscious, a superficial layer whose contents are derived from present lifetime experience, and the collective unconscious, a deeper inborn layer whose contents are inherited and essentially universal within the species. б Jung believes that the personal unconscious contains feeling-toned complexes that constitute the personal and private side of psychic life and that the collective unconscious contains archetypes, "universal images that have existed since the remotest times. [tags: Ackerman Wife of Light Essays]
I believe that Brady used a very unique method in writing this essay.

Again, the method refers to how the speaker chooses to address the members of the audience (Rhetorica). Brady s essay has a sort of sarcastic tone to me. She goes on and on with the duties that the wife has while the partner is at school. It seems like everything that could possibly be done in a household is listen in her essay. The essay makes it seem like the wife is the only person who can get anything done in the house and the partner only needs to bring home a paycheck to keep the house financially stable.

Brady doesn t seem to be portraying a negative message toward the wife, but more towards the wife s partner. Not only does the wife need to take care of the house and the children, but the wife also needs to take care of the partner. This is evident when Brady states, I want a wife who will take care of my physical needs. I want a wife who will keep my house clean. A wife who will pick up after me. I want a wife who will keep my clothes clean, ironed, mended, replaced when need be, and who will see to it that my personal things are kept in their proper place so that I can find what I need the minute I need it (Brady, 508).

I believe that Brady chose her words very carefully because she wanted her audience to realize that this was, in most cases, the role of a wife in the 70s. Many people did not agree with the way a wife was portrayed and people wanted to make a change. This essay was provided evidence for a wife doing much of the household work, taking care of the children, and taking care of the wife s partner. The way Brady wrote this essay could definitely have made a member of the audience want to speak out.

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