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why do you die from pancreatic cancer

Hi, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer rightPbefore Christmas 2013. I was there for diagnoses and then had to l tell my mother and sisters. Sorry if my spelling is incorrect, as a type with tears in my eyes. He then had the Wipple procedure. After healing from this serious surgery, he then had chemo. In March of 2014 the oncologist said he had 6 months toPlive. He decided he wanted to die in New Mexico, my parents have a house there. So my husband and I packedPeverything and helped him move. My mom soon retired and followed.

He saw a new oncologist who was able to prolong his life. Last weekend my dads belly started swelling, as well as his legs. We were told that this is it! Not much longer toPlive! I am the oldest of my sisters so I amPthe rock of my family and have supported them. Since this terminal diagnosis I can't seem to keep it together for my self let alone my sisters. All I seem to do is sob. All I keep thinking about is his suffering, being in pain, and why should a wonderful father who's been my solid rock die like this.

Then of course I think about my boys, especially my 16 year old, who is close to him, how unfair. I'm not a young kid, 47, but right now I feel like a little girl who can't stop sobbing because I'm losing my daddy! PI was so strong and didn't cry, until now and I can' t stop! I sound so selfish. I don't know how to cope.
Yes, and I said to her that I thought it was time that she went. I think I just said, вI think itвs time. I think itвs time you go now,в or something like that, and walked out the room.

And about maybe half an hour later the nurses arrived doing their normal daily thing. And they needed to change Karen, and basically we were in the kitchen and one of the nurses came in. And it just so happened that on that day it was the nurse, it was the nurse that had had the closest relationship with Karen, and she just came in and she said, вI think, I think sheвs died. в And we went in and I always, I always maintain that, that Karen had, because apparently she opened her eyes, which is quite common, because the nurse told me what had happened.

She opened her eyes and then and then died. And I always think that that was sort of typical of Karen that I think she, you know was aware of this and she thought, вIвm not going; Iвm not bloody well going through this again. Youвre not,в you know, because they had to manhandle her and change her and everything. And I think she sort of chose that moment to just you know call it a day. В

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