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why do you cut the cake at a wedding

The wedding cake has long been a symbolicPdetailthe tradition of breaking the cake over the bride's head dates back to the Ancient Romans. Customs evolve with the times, of course,Pand today the ceremonial cutting of the
has remained a popular and meaningful wedding reception activity (The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study reveals 89 percent of couples include the cake cutting during their reception). ItPprovidesPboth a fabulousPphoto opportunity and symbolizes the couple'sPfirst jointPtask as newlyweds. Find out all you need to know about this wedding tradition below. Since the wedding cake is the main focus, many couples decoratePtheir dessertPwith a festive and personalP. Use aPtraditionalPminiaturePor look for something Pto suit your style. PSome couplesPthrow it way backPand include vintagePVictorian cake charms or a ceremonyPfor goodPluck. P Even if you think you're a pro at cutting sweetsat birthday partiesPor entertainingcheck with your cake baker or caterer forPspecialPinstructions to make the first cut. PYou wouldn'tPwant toPplace the knife in the wrong spot and cause the delicate tower toPtopple over. Your baker will often recommend you cut from the bottom tier. This might sound obvious, but remember to usePthe knife, not the server, for the quickest andPcleanest cut. (The slice can bePmodest sincePyou really only need two bites' worth. ) Slide the slice onto the server, then place it on a plate.

Use the knife to cut the slice into two small pieces. You can each take your pieces from the same plate for the ceremonial feeding. Once the initial piece is cut, the newlyweds usually feed each other the first slice, symbolizing their commitment to provide for one another. In some cases, this moment isPreplaced by a different tradition: smashing cake into each other's faces. How you feed each other the cake is up to you, but rememberyou don't need to smear frosting on your new spouse simply because you think your guests expect it. You just had your hair and makeupPdone and you're probablyPboth in pricey outfitsdon't risk any staining if you don't want to. PEither way, ask your baker or caterer to have napkins (or evenPa warm, damp cloth) nearby toPwipe up any rogue crumbs and frostingPquickly. The cake cutting is often one ofP 'Pfavorite images to capture. Before the celebration, be clear and specific with them about your shot list. Do you want the traditionalPposed shot of the two of you together, or do you prefer a more candid, documentary-style one? Is a close-up of your hands on the knife important, or are you only interested in the big picture? Nailing down these must-have photos will steer your pro in the right direction so you can be totally in the moment instead of worrying about whether or not they'rePcapturing the right shots.

Once you've cutPthe cake, the catering staff will take over andPoften bringPitPback into the kitchen to slice for the rest of yourPguests. PCouples used to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake for the baby christening that was expected to follow soon after. Today, many still opt toP Por even a few slices to enjoy on their first anniversary,PValentine's Day or New Year's Eve together. PIn the past, couples actually sent theirPguests home with cake, orPsent pieces to those unable to attend. While this tradition isn'tPas commonPanymorereplaced byPseparate it's still a nice gesture (and a great way to avoid wasting cake)Pto offer boxed slices for guests at the end of the evening as a sweet takeaway. Ready to talk wedding cake? PSearch in your area here. What comes to mind when you think about your wedding cake? Flavor and design are often the first details you consider, and anticipation for that cake tasting is up there too. But the logistics of serving the cake? Well, you might not have even considered those. Your cake, however, plays a crucial role in your wedding dayБs timeline. So when do you cut the wedding cake? We turned to the experts to find out. than sharing that first sweet bite as newlyweds (no frosting smashing, please! ).

БCutting the cake provides an unspoken signal to guests: namely, that itБs okay to leave without being thought of as rude,Б says Anna Post of the. Yup, cutting the cake means everyone can go home! In the past, it was the last thing to happen at a , not a quick moment between dinner and dancing. So any guests who were ready to go would wait until youБd sliced the cake (and theyБd had a bite, of course), and then they would hit the road. Today, the cake is usually cut earlier in the reception, but that same signal still applies. Older guests in particular will still wait until youБve cut your cake before saying goodbye and heading home, so youБll want to time it accordingly. БAs a courtesy, couples today cut their wedding cake early on in the reception so guests are free to leave whenever they are ready,Б Post says. And thatБs not the only perk! Most photographersБ packages include a set number of hoursБoften eight to 10Бand you will definitely want photos of the two of you figuring out how to wield a cake knife together. (Seriously, does anyone know how to do this before they get up to the cake table? ) By cutting your cake earlier, you can guarantee your photographer will catch the moment without having to sacrifice or add time to the package.

Another plus to cutting the cake earlier? It wonБt interrupt the rest of your evening! The last thing you want to do is steal energy from a packed dance floor by asking guests to pause and clear space for you to cut the cake. Instead, cut it early and keep the party going later (with a little sugar boost! ). And last, cutting your cake early gives lots of time to slice and plate without rushing to do so before everyone gets up from dinner. Not sure when to squeeze it in? Here are a few options. , all eyes will be on you, so take advantage of the moment and head straight to the cake table! Cut the cake, share a bite, and then head to the dance floor for your first danceБall before dinner is even served. This will free up the rest of the evening for fun! If youБd rather get dinner started after your grand entrance, loop the cake cutting in with toasts. Even older guests will want to stick it out to hear a few words from your parents, MOH, and best man, so either kick it off or wrap it up by cutting your cake. See More: Every great party needs a great segue, so if itБs time to transition from dining to dancing, take charge! You and your spouse can stand up, say a few words to your loved ones, and then cut the cake. If you havenБt already, head to the dance floor for your , then invite your guests to join you!

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